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  1. Tk51316 Requesting access please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24148
  2. Ya ive seen a lot of different regualr TK helmets used, but I think thats just because the Femtrooper helmets werent available initially. But thanks for the compliment Ya i love the femtrooper armor and its really the only stormtrooper armor that fits me since im pretty petite. Which is really why I got it. All the other armor would look so huge on me, which is why i'm not jumping on the super cheap stormtrooper armor over at Anovos right now.
  3. The helmet is actually much smaller than a regular tk helmet. It might just be the perspective.
  4. In regards to having 501st approved boots, is it ok to just get regular TK boots and add the vertical leather strip to them? Its been almost impossible to contact Gio to get the shoe he makes :-/
  5. Awesome, ill keep a look out since i will be assembling this weekend
  6. YES!!! finally, this is sooo helpful to me right now. Thanks for posting this
  7. ya I know, I just prefer this shoe over the flat version. Ill be ordering some standard TK boots soon.
  8. Yes! thanks a bunch! let me know how they work out
  9. That link worked! thank you. My only issue with this boot is that the heel and sole are significantly larger than the original Chelsea boot thats on the Steve Madden site. Its a 4.25 inch heel on the ebay shoe, rather than a 2.5 inch heel on the original Chelsea boot. Plus the ebay one has a 1.75 inch platform sole verses the original 1 inch platform sole. And i hate walking in high heels lol, so im very torn about this. I might just drop the money and get the Steve Madden Chelsea boot for comfort, but im really trying to avoid doing that.
  10. Did the seller have more than one pair? If so, can you link me?
  11. I was asking the same question on facebook, here is the link to the thread: https://www.facebook.com/FemaleStormtrooperJesGistang/posts/331653770368202?comment_id=331738460359733&reply_comment_id=331920130341566&offset=0&total_comments=6&notif_t=feed_comment_reply
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