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  1. Order sent, confirmation received. This is going to be a fun project.
  2. Thanks, The mic actually came with the HTT combo kit. You have to have it right up close to your mouth the get a clear enough signal. I was satisfied with the sound of the new HTT hovi tips, they are surprisingly loud (indoors). The fan system is fine, I have not complaints. My criticism is the digital voice changer has no sound options. It has one setting to alter your voice to make it sound lower, which may be great for kids, but for adults the output is too low and the signal isn't clear. For now this serves it's purpose, as it's set up in a modded EFX helmet. There are better options out there for helmet electronics, although HTT give a nicely packaged set up.
  3. -Plasti-dipped the interior Matte black -Replaced the lenses to darker green and thicker. -Cooling Fan x 1 -Digital voice changer with microphone -Hovi Tip speakers -Hovi Tip speaker amp -Military grade helmet padding (black and gray)
  4. I used plasti dip spray can (matte black) and I am really happy with the results.
  5. I wanted to ask your opinions on whether you think spray painting or Plast dipping the interior would be in any way harmful? Of course I am talking about using this after it has been dried and air out for a while. This also applies to paint jobs on the frown line. My can of plasti dip is ready and waiting whilst I fix up a few things, but before I take the plunge I'd like to know this is safe.
  6. So what was the result? Did you try out the hovi tip speakers with an icomm? I'm trying to decide between the rom/fx and the icomm. The rom/fx has great reviews and is thin (so easy to store), but I'm waiting on a reply from the manufacturer. The icomm seem easily assessable but the box is quite big to store in the helmet. Also, can anyone recommend another way of powering the icomm. Most people seem to use the aker power speaker, which I don't want since I am going through hovi tips.
  7. How did you fill the seam line in the end? I would appreciate anyone's input on this , especially without having to do a full re paint.
  8. Great stuff , the cheese cloth idea is interesting. I'll have to look into that. This forum is great.
  9. Thanks for the quick replies. Did you only use plasti dip? Did you use a primer at the start ?
  10. Hi everyone, I know there are many threads on painting the interior, but one comment stuck with me and nobody has clarified if it is true or not. Q: When coating the interior in plasti dip, does it in anyway affect the colour of the helmet's exterior? I read somewhere that it can make the outside look slightly greyish.
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