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  1. Mine is rather easy.... I spent almost 25 years as an Artilleryman in the Royal Canadian Artillery, hence Gunner. As we always say once a Gunner....always a Gunner! The 27 was one of the call signs I had as the Battery Seageant-Major. So Gunner27 My TKID is 71418, If you take the seventh, fouteenth and eighteenth letters of the alphabet you get GNR, which is the abbreviation for Gunner.
  2. TK 71418 requesting full trooper status. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19228 Thanks Shane / Gunner
  3. I received my TK boots from Zhongvader / Imperial Boots last night. They were very well packaged and each boot came in it's own little boot bag for added protection. Full leather outer and leather lined, fit well and were comfy as I walked around the house. Looks like we have a new boot supplier to the Empire! No need to wait for TK Boots to sort themselves out anymore! I am still building my TK, but will post another review after my build is complete and I have trooped in them, but so far so good! Shane
  4. I have a pair of his TK boots being shipped to Canada right now. I will update this post with a review as soon as I get them. Merci Picard!!!
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