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  1. I make the whole armor, https://www.facebook.com/jim.labrake
  2. I made most of mine, the vac pump is the most important part, I make armor so I spent 900 on my pump alone. Go to lowes and buy the shop vac there, you have 90 days to return it if ya arent happy. GOOD LUCK !!!!!
  3. Here is what is done: Chest, back, abb, cod, thigh fronts. The helmet is almost done. So what is left: thigh backs, shins, hand plates, gauntlets and biceps. I dont have a price, but ya can figure @ the same as a TK set..
  4. Well the helmet is almost done, the back plate is finished and so are the front thighs. The back thighs are cutting right now, So It should be done soon.
  5. Does 50.00 dollars sound right to you guys for a 4x8 sheet of .100 ABS? Thanks Guys.
  6. Here is where we stand, the chest is done, the cod is done, butt is done, shoulderbells are done. My wife is going to take pics today and we will post them.
  7. Well guys this is happening faster than i thought, there are four slots left for this once in a lifetime deal.
  8. I need ten guys to help me get a new cnc machine, Kinda like a kickstarter deal. The first ten guys that invest 900 will receive, a RC suit. And when finished an animated Storm trooper from the tv series that is comming out. If ya think this idea will work let me know.
  9. Well guys the cutting is going slow, The chest id done along with shoulder bells and the abb is on the machine, just one slice is taking 3hrs.
  10. I am working on it, I have to pick up more MDF and than some pics will be coming.
  11. Would anyone give me measurements off their stormtrooper armor?
  12. I am starting the cutting on this , this weekend, wish me luck!!!!
  13. I cant wait to get the files and get started, I am almost done with the animated RC.!!!!
  14. Hi guys and Gals, I am Talon from CTN. I am also TZA armor. I joined here because I started out as a TK and I am working on the animated Stormtrooper from the clone wars rebels.
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