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  1. Is it really that hard to hear when wearing a bucket?
  2. I was just asking the same question. I heard today that they will start on May 4th. Their other stuff does look good.
  3. There is a company called anovos that will start carrying star wars gear on May 4th (of course). Has anyone heard anything about them and do you know if they will be 501st approved?
  4. Hell yeah they have. Im still going to ask though. I dont want to mess anything up. Its not like I have extra cash just laying around
  5. Im so happy this forum exists. Im going to start saving $$ after July (I'm moving to cali from chicago) and I've already started watching videos and reading posts. Ill have to admit that im already a little nervous about the whole build, but it makes me feel a lot better to have everyone around to help answer all my question that I know I'll have
  6. Ive noticed that there are 3 types of materials that kits are made from; ABS, HIPS, and PVC. Are the only differences price and durability?
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