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  1. It might be "lame". I'll see if I can verify. They have it at both my local JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. It's thin and stretchy. I spray mounted it to the headliner material available from JoAnn's (mounted to the foamy side) that poeple use for the neck seals. Then a lot of sewing lines into it. A lot of sewing lol. There is a seller on the boards here selling cloth versions (and rubber), in case you don't want to make them yourself: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31019-imperial-gaskets-more-upgrades/ Here's a pic of some of my progress: Here's mounting the headliner foam shape to the shiny cloth: I spray mounted it to keep the fabric from bunching up as I sewed the lines into it. (Cut out foam shape to pattern, tape fabric down to counter so it won't move, hit foamy side of arm shape with spray glue--light cote, drop onto fabric, flip it all over and smooth out the fabric). Also, mounting the shiny cloth to the foamy side means it moves easily through my sewing machine. My machine really does not like feeding the foam by itself.
  2. FWIW, that's who I ended up ordering one from. Shipped quick, good communication.
  3. I strongly doubt they'll run that high in the 'pre-order' state--assuming they do pre-orders. But they may not do pre-orders and go straight to the IPO price, since they've worked out the details with the marketing/exclusive kits. I'd be super surprised if it was anywhere near that much for a kit at IPO. On the bright side, if it is, it'll help to spawn more fan-made options.
  4. Yeah I saw that too... weird. I sent them an email on Saturday but haven't heard back yet.
  5. So I'm not a fan of the thought of wearing rubber sleeves, so I bought some shiny fabric to make some more breathable gaskets. Do these pics below look like it will pass muster? Essentially it's just shiny fabric over the headliner material a lot of people use for neck gaskets. Also, the CRL says the shoulder, elbow and knee gaskets "shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges", but the neckseal doesn't specify shiny or not: Should the neckseal be of the same material? Or will the one I have for my classic TK suffice? Thanks in advance! -Ted (oh, and let me add that searching up 'rubber fabric' on google may take you to some...erm..."special" places)
  6. I'm not seeing it on their site...I'm only seeing gloves for TFA...
  7. Check out the project runs section over on the RPF for this stuff. I'm not sure why it's so hard to find here... Here's a couple: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=245993 and http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=246803 Just search the project runs forum for star wars. All sorts of stuff from TFA is being produced. HTH, -Ted
  8. Does anyone know of a source for the belts (just the base belt--boxes not necessary), or a source for the material used? Thanks in advance! -Ted
  9. Ah...hopefully we'll see some public build threads soon, especially with all the fan made kits hitting the market. I should have my kit in a about a month (non-anovos) With a little luck I'll have it done for the premiere. Or I'll make a mess of it and keep it secret Oh I wouldn't expect anyone to share what they paid.
  10. I'm thinking about purchasing a kit. I must be missing something obvious...where are the build threads?
  11. Just curious if any of the armor makers out there are putting together the new storm trooper armor...
  12. Yeah, the 'prototype' was just a photoshopped pic. Glad to see some pics of the real thing. Made a little gif for your enjoyment:
  13. You know, one thing I don't see in either pic is the back of the helmet...I wonder if it will be one or to pieces
  14. Just thought I'd add in the pics from the recent email:
  15. Thanks folks! It's just brown canvas they had at hobby lobby nearby--I was in a hurry. I think I'll remake it for him out of monks cloth (that I'll dye brown) now that I have time. On the stormtrooper build, It's official...I suck at trimming ears. Well the left one anyhow. Pics to follow
  16. He and R2 played together for about thirty minutes. It was just awesome.
  17. okay, I thought I'd give a quick update. I've made a little progress, but not much worth noting--I've been busy working on a costume for my son. This past weekend was the first con he's wanted to dress up for, and he wanted to be a Jawa (proud papa moment). So I thought I should do it right. I made the entire thing from scratch--everything but the gloves. Here's how it came out:
  18. Ah sweet, I've got double cap rivets on hand. That's a lucky break. I think I'm going to try heat on the forearm cover strips. I may go the oven route instead of the heat gun, since it allows a little more control. I tend to overheat stuff in a hurry with a heat gun. Or come to think of it, a heat sealing iron may do the trick.
  19. Yeah, what Andrew said. It's a simple change though--only took about 30 minutes to swap it out.
  20. I wont tell. Looking good Rick! What kind of rivets did you use for the thigh ammo pack? I'm in the same place as Andrew on the forearm cover strips. I've been putting them off.
  21. Thanks bro! I had a feeling you might have done the same thing At least maybe this time I'll do a little bit of a better job with the heat bend.
  22. Time for a long overdue update. I was finally able to get back to my build this past weekend. First thing I did was make myself a neck seal using the tutorial found here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/8402-howto-create-a-neckseal/ I was able to find the 'headliner' material at JoAnn's fabrics, and used some cotton material that felt good for the bib parts. Next up i decided to get the belt put together, since I already had the sewing machine out. I found some 3" webbing to use as a base--I wanted something to give it a little thickness, like the vintage cargo straps have. This won't do as is, so I covered it with duck cloth/canvas and added a plastic strip inside, courtesy of a for sale sign from Lowes, and added the velcro to the ends. Next up was the plastic bits, attached with snaps. I later found out I used the wrong belt, so I'm replacing it with this one: Now on to the holster, since I was on a roll with the soft parts. I found a template here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/12935-dimensions-of-holster/ I made myself a pattern to cut: It is worth noting that the pattern in the pic is backwards for a left-hand holster if placed on the good side of the leather. After cutting one the wrong way, I cut another, dyed it black, barge-cemented and sewed the seam, and attached the various bits: (Also worth noting: the holes to attach it to the belt are in the wrong spot in this pic (for ANH stunt). I added holes in the correct spot after the pic was taken) And attached to the belt: In addition to swapping out the belt, I'll be scooching in the drop boxes so they line up with the edge of the belt. That's all for now
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