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  1. Benvenuto Mirco sul FISD! Se serve una mano non esitare a chiedermi Buona permanenza a bordo! Davide
  2. Hi folks, I need to repair some cracks on my 3 year old TK armor, but they seem to be unrepairable because everytime reparations get broken. These cracks are in friction areas but also visible. I've followed some tips found here: CA glue ABS paste scrap ABS strips glued with CA glue or ABS paste but they seem not to work. Can you help me before they get bigger? Thank you in advance I've attached the main ones belt: chest plate: as you can see I put an ABS lump behind the chestplate as last solution, after tried with CA glue and scrap ABS strips, but has been vain..
  3. Hi guys, I need some information about Shocktrooper: Strapping system: I know the original ROTJ system based on velcro, but is it acceptable to instal an ANH system with snaps without using velcro and being eligible for level 2/3? Overlap measures: I'm more accustomed to ANH cover strip measures; for ROTJ/Shocktrooper overlap width is the same as for ANH cover strip? I mean that biceps and forearm overlap is 15mm, thighs and front shins overlap is 20mm while behind is 25 mm Idea for attaching the thigh ammo pack without visible rivets? Maybe glueing with E6000? PLASTI DIP® is okay for coating? Thanks in advance
  4. If R1 sandtroopers without backpack exist, how can you distinguish from a R1 tk??
  5. So sandtroopers without backpacks don't exist?
  6. So every single stormtrooper on Jedha is a sandtrooper? Due to the same armor, what element can be used to distinguish tk from td? I'm quite confused...
  7. Done! It is an honour to be part of this big family! Proud to be member of FISD!!
  8. I suggest to add black/white/orange PAULDRON to optional accessories section
  9. Ciao Riccardo, Benvenuto sul FISD, la principale fonte di informazioni circa lo storm. Qua troverai tutto ciò che può esserti utile per assemblare la tua armatura. Ovviamente, se non lo hai ancora fatto, ti consiglio di iscriverti anche sul forum del distaccamento italiano della 501st Legion, ovvero l'Italica Garrison http://forum.501italica.com/index.php Per ogni cosa fai un fischio! Davide
  10. A quick question: All the things (holster, handguards, TD clips, neckseal.....) from The Imperial Supply Depot are good? https://www.facebook.com/Imperialsupplydepot/?fref=ts Thanx in advance!
  11. COMUNICAZIONE DI SERVIZIO Invito tutti gli stormtrooper idizzati a registrarsi con status di membro FISD qua sul forum, precisamente nel topic: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/ La registrazione vale ovviamente anche per chi non è Expert Infantry/Centurion. Inoltre suggerisco di adottare una dicitura standard per quanto riguarda l'indicazione della 501st Unit: Italica Garrison Facciamo sentire la nostra presenza qua sul FISD
  12. Nice work! Thanks to all!! :D :D
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