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  1. I was going to go the tk route but once I saw the sandie up close I knew I was going to build the td
  2. They are both great sounding now I am not sure which to get
  3. I am thinking about getting the icomm system to go with my speaker. For those that have it do you like it? Is it worth the money or should I keep looking?
  4. I am currently working on mine and it is fairly easy . Once I want higher certification I will have to get something else but for general qualifying it will work.
  5. I were a 10 1/2 -11 should I look at a 10 then
  6. Starting my blaster build I am getting E-6000 Gritty and smooth sandpaper Silver primer Black flat or glossy Am I missing anything?
  7. Is there a specific kind of shoe I need to look for a tusken raider? Or does the wrapping cover them
  8. I am going sandy for my first armor so while I wait for the armor I can build the blaster , backpack, rifle there is still so much to do
  9. Ray how is it goingi am where you were at in march. So far I have found that rt will be the best for me but there is a waiting list for 2014
  10. I sent an email to RT to get my name added to the waiting list and other information just waiting for a response.
  11. I have an email sent to him with the basic questions. To get on the waiting list how much did you have to put down?
  12. Is trooperbay a good site for accessories for armor or should I stay away from it
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