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  1. Very well deserved awards Q, you're greatly appreciated by all of TAG let alone DSS! Oh and Happy 1st Anniversary today brother!!
  2. TK-49876 requesting access for 'Stormtrooper = 501st with a current TK designation' http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16235
  3. This was an awesome troop.... and the organisers were over the moon with the attention we pulled..... bring on next years festival!
  4. TX-49876 requesting access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16235&costumeID=134
  5. All good, I found it, but a little too pricey for me at $105 USD... although not doubting how good they are. TK409's look pretty good http://www.tk409.com/tk409.html
  6. Cool, yeah I made that mistake from someone in Melbourne too! Does veedox have a sales link here to these neck seals?
  7. Thanks Patrick! And for the advice Soren! Now, my neck seal arrived today, and well its ok, but at the back it has a large flappy square with the velcro stitched into it. Can anyone recommend a good neck seal ?
  8. Yeah, thanks again for the tip Glen I'm stuck with what to do now though. I guess another question is would a more accurate blaster get me up to level 2 as a TX? Do I attempt to build, or do I just buy??
  9. Yeah I've looked at the Doopys for a few days now, but I don't trust myself, in fact I know I'd stuff it up haha So the SDS is accurate?
  10. Hi guys, I don't believe I've introduced myself here yet. I'm an Englishman now based in Geraldton Western Australia and looking to get approved to troop with my fellow Desert Scorpions/TAG/501st! Been spending the last couple of months desperately trying to modify my Rubies armor which I've had gathering dust since the wife bought it for me 3 years ago; but all I'm hearing is that I'll be fighting a losing battle with it. So last week I made another leap and purchased an AM TX Shadow Trooper kit from over on SpecOps... since then I've become addicted and already destroying my bank balance by picking up some black jodhpur boots, two piece under armor, neck seal, nomex gloves, holster, black canvas belt, icomm and helmet fans I wonder if any of you more experienced soldiers could help me with a dilemma? I believe the only thing remaining now while I wait for my AM TX kit to arrive is getting myself a blaster. (Also wouldn't rule out a DT-19 if something came up). I've seen both Strikers (who is selling for $140USD on SpecOps) and SDS versions here: Strikers Hasbro mod SDS I'm looking at around $200 or $300 respectively. I don't even mind buying a second hand one if something good came up. But I need you guys expert opinions and if you know of anyone within Aus selling any too due to the excessive exchange rates I keep getting struck by? Thanks guys!!
  11. And remember, a womens size 9UK is around a mens size 7UK
  12. Hi Ron, yeah already underway with making contact. Currently looking at T/MC and NE armor. Actually wouldn't mind going down the route of a Shadow Trooper now as I've just worn myself out trying to mod my Rubies armor for the past few weeks (sighhh)
  13. Thanks! I did more research on here and saw that they are a couple of members doing recasts... Noted and staying away
  14. Hi guys, I'm still getting my head around everything and weighing up my options on what path to take before I buy anything this time. Weighing up a potential Shadow Trooper option too. Do any of you know about CTM Props? They have a facebook page. Seems like a really nice guy and willing to share any information asked of him. He says several customers get approved into the 501st with their kits....as long as you assemble them and finish them according to 501st guidelines..you can get approved...he says their helmet is similar to AP and armor is similar to TE2 Over to you guys to help a rookie out here
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