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  1. okay here are the results: the ears look bigger on the picture than they actually are, must be due to the shadows. and how you can fix them: the gaps are minimal due to the tightening of the bolt. the next step is to fill the gaps with this:
  2. and btw gaps look more screen accurate the most difficult part was to drill the holes open, i tried it with a hand driller but the ear cap didnt want to come off, i was pretty scared that i would drill through the ear cap though, but after half an hour of trying i decided to use the dremel. and that worked. the second ear cap took only a few minutes.
  3. okay i filled a little bit too much off at the back of the ears. with what could i fill the gap? with white silicone?
  4. as far as i know a lot of people here use this amp: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...rentPage=search with this mic: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...oductId=2102926 how to wire it: http://www.tk1536.com/images/TE/insidehelmet1.jpg
  5. okay i think that i will buy the radio shack amplifier: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...rentPage=search and this mic: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...rentPage=search will they work together? now to the speakers. i plan to open the amplifier, take out the speaker, and replace it by two small speakers which i will install into the mic tips of the helmet. now i have the following questions. does anyone know a good online store to buy them? does anyone has some good recommendations for the mini speakers? what specifications do they need to have? ohm? watt? db? thanks for your help guys.
  6. hi, umm i didnt have any time to check the forums for some months now, and now i hear about an FX lite? is that a new version? would be nice if anyone from the uk could send me a pm about prices etc. thank you!! edit: apparently, the fx lite is the same as an fx, just without helmet. a few months back i heard that they will remodel the chest plate. did that already happen?
  7. thanks for the comparison picture mike ;P oh and your commander gree, i love it!!
  8. hi shawn, welcome and good luck for your stormie
  9. no i dont listen to radio and dont know any pit biwer
  10. hehe, unfortunately, it is only my name, well actually my name is richard, but everyone calls me rich
  11. hi, i am rich and i am from luxembourg. i just wanted to introduce myself. some stuff about me: i am 23, male, and a mechanical engineer. sw fan since the age of 12. i am quite new to trooping and i purchased a mr ce helmet only a few days ago, and i am trying to improve it. i already ordered darker lenses and the search for informations/tutorials about how to install a mic with amp etc. led me to this wonderful forum, full of interesting stuff. ^^ have a good night guys and girls. rich
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