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  1. There are tons in here floating. UKSWRATH is the man!! But! Where are you located?
  2. During a troop today, my icomm decided to start clicking constantly. Went back to the changing area, fiddled with it for a bit to no avail... Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know what it is?
  3. Here's the site: http://www.dickblick.com/items/01425-8140/ Really? I have 4 cans of sand & I've got about 1/2?1 can left. I'm done painting. [emoji87] it really does though...
  4. Tony, in so-cal, the paint is obo $8-11/400ml can. Also, Rustoleum 7771 sand is a damn close match.
  5. I just updated the helmet electronics. Thanks, Matt for the extended setup!! Here's a link to his fan kits. http://m.ebay.com/itm/162059846591?_trkparms=aid=222007&algo=SIC.MBE&ao=1&asc=20141013130338&meid=b911a756e60c485ba4fb243ba9e4e529&pid=100172&rk=1&rkt=6&sd=162017725272&_trksid=p2349624.c100172.m2966&_mwBanner=1 I also updated the main post with links to all of the stuff I've put into my helmet.
  6. I honestly hadn't thought of that until I replied. [emoji58] whoops.
  7. It could have, but then it was sticking way out on the sides...
  8. Thanks!! Yeah, it was a little nerve-wracking cutting all that off... The hook method is more accurate, but I wanted something where I didn't have to look to make sure it lined up, and pretty much did the work for me. Plus... Magnets are magic. So... [emoji41]
  9. Size comparison! (Her armor is on the left, mine is on the right) Shins: Not much changed on hers, mainly width. Right thigh: Ended up cutting a lot off the top, and quite a bit off of the width. Did the best I could at maintaining the shape. Left thigh: Ended up cutting a lot off the top, and quite a bit off of the width. Did the best I could at maintaining the shape. (I'm slightly less happy with the lack of original shape her's has, but I couldn't sacrifice anymore off of the outside piece.) Forearms: As I posted previously, I cut 2 of the divots off of hers, as well as quite a bit of width. Biceps: I kept the length on these, but cut a ton of the original width off. Shoulder bells: I think I cut .75cm off the side & 1cm off the bottom. (In an earlier post, I put the proper amounts) Her: Me: If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!
  10. Internal strapping: I used snaps & the heavier duty elastic that came with the anovos kit. I used Velcro to hold the backplate down a bit. (Until I decide whether I'm gonna cut down the kidney plate or not) Fitting the armor in the small husky: First, I put the shins & forearms in the thighs Then I lay those inside the torso armor. (Push the biceps into the thighs as well) Beyond that... Fill in the gaps with the rest of the suit. (Soft goods, blaster, belt, boots, etc.) Unfortunately, the helmet doesn't fit inside, but that's what a helmet bag is for!
  11. Shin closure: (magnets... And a wee bit of velcro)
  12. Looks good, man! The way I fixed my butt flap (lol) was by moving the strapping to the very edge of the inlet on the kidney(very close to the bottom) and then lining it up on the butt plate. It sits completely flush now. Also... I used the thick/strong elastic straps from anovos.
  13. Thanks, man! Just followed what you did pretty much!
  14. Helmet electronics!!! [emoji880][emoji880][emoji880][emoji880] Hearing assist Hovi speakers & mic icomm, hovi amp, hearing assist unit, & voltage converter (for usb power) Fan & battery placement Updated electronics: -Painted the icomn white (thanks for the tip Blacky) -Added a 3rd fan -Rewired the fan system to run off both USB batteries. (This was a solution to a problem I was having with the batteries remaining on with the hearing assist. It requires such minimal power that the battery's "smart" technology would turn itself off even though it was running. I had a usb splitter with a small thumb drive plugged in, but I like this system better.)
  15. We met the goal! Still gotta readjust how the thighs are held up, and helmet electronics. Here are some of the approval pics. [emoji51] I'll post pictures & more explanations on how I did the parts I haven't mentioned tomorrow.
  16. Yesterday & today were a whole lot of cutting, sizing, sanding, repeat. All that's left to fit: legs. One major thing I kept in mind while sizing everything is: you cannot resize the helmet. (Thank you Tony) Shoulder bells: I cut off 7mm from the side & 10mm from the bottom. Back: no change. Kidney: no change Chest: no change Ab: 1cm off of the left & right side. Cut the cod piece off & brought it up about 2cm. I haven't determined how I'm going to reattach it just yet. Forearms: cut 2 of the squares off. (I don't remember the exact measurements) I left them a little bit wide on her on purpose to keep everything a little bit more proportional. I have full intent to add foam. I've had a very soft goal to get this armor done by May 4th, and so far... I think we might still be on target! [emoji87]
  17. Her being 5'2", my conversations with ukswrath, and the way some of it will fit (back plate for one) won't be allowed at centurion.
  18. 4/29/16 Did a lot of little things... Sized the fronts of the shins & thighs for cover strips. Cleaned up the shoulder bells, and made all the snap plates. Also... Put the body armor on Nicole to try & get an idea on how to tackle fitting it....
  19. 4/28/16 Left Nicole alone for a few hours. She got the entire kit cut out, I sh!t you not. She's killin' it. I started the sizing with the biceps cuz.. Well... They're definitely the easiest. There's a good amount needed to be chopped off. To start, I used a cover strip aligned to the top inner corner (right where the inside of the bicep dips down) and drew out a straight line. Then, I measured out 7.5mm(half the width of the cover strip). Taped it off. Scored & snapped. For those that have been around my TK build... I love super glue. That being said.... Here are the finished biceps. (Gonna clean 'em up once it's all done) Left Right
  20. I gave it time & let it speak for itself. Now.... I can barely get her to set down the dremel & stop shouting "I love power tools!!!" [emoji85][emoji86][emoji87]
  21. Next: Helmet I cleaned up the ears, replaced the ear screws with the proper screen accurate ones. Cleaned up & repainted the frown. Cleaned up the eyes. Mounted the lens on the ear screws, and put in a new hard hat liner. I will be replacing the hovi's with UKSWRATH's helmet electronics kit, and adding the hearing assist, etc. (I'll update that when those arrive.) http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31436-fs-ukswraths-hovi-mic-tips-with-speakers-crl-accurate-tips/ http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32487-ukswraths-stormtrooper-hearing-assist-system/ Before: After:
  22. Next up! Thermal detonator. I didn't do this in any particularly special fashion.... Although I did buy the proper screws.
  23. I started with the belt.... I replaced it with the Kittell belt. I didn't like the idea of taking the rivet caps off. So... I decided to cut the canvas belt off at the rivets, and use snaps to hold the ammo belt onto the canvas. To get everything properly placed... I measured the length of the belt, marked the top lightly with pencil. Then eye-balled from the center rivet of the ammo belt to the top back side & drew a light line. Then, took the pencil & scribbled on the tips of each of the 3 snaps on the ammo belt. Once I lined it all up a pressed down on the canvas belt. Voilà! Placement for the snaps. Once that was attached & on. I measured 2cm to the right, and 1.5cm from the base for the 1st hole for the holster. Straightened the handles(?) for that. Eye-balled the further hole. Checked that it was 1.5cm. [emoji1360]
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