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  1. Thanks wingnut! Got some fixes to do for centurion, but nothing I can't handle. It really is heart warming seeing my daughter take to my hobby so well. She was literally finding and picking me out of the lineup of troopers there! She knows her trooper! Hell, whenever she finds my bucket she brings it to me yelling 'trooper!' And forces me to put it on haha. <br> Is there any tips or tricks to painting to vocoder, I'm no Picasso
  2. after looking closer at my vocoder, wow looks like they just airbrushed it on. its not too difficult to repaint right? atleast not more difficult then the frown?
  3. Thanks sly and wing nut! These are the tips I need to get to cent! Ty! I thought I fixed my back, but we can clearly see something went wrong haha. I'll have to make sure my squire knows to put my belt and td on straight next time I suit up. Hovi tips will be changed, great tip! <br><br> Wow what a difference on the vocoder to the screen used one! Never noticed that! <br><br> These are all great tips guys and can't wait to get crackin and submit for centurion. Look for me boys!
  4. Thanks Aaron! Yea I've done 3 troops so far already! Haha. Any excuse to armor up
  5. Thanks guys so I tried the elastic and i guess it still gives enough to pop out over the kidney plate and stick out. Maybe I'll try switching the elastic to nylon, something that won't give
  6. Also the butt wing! I can't seem to get rid of it even after heat forming. Maybe some more ? I think the shear weight of the holster is pushing it outwards from the other side
  7. Great suggestion on the neck trim, didn't think about that!<br><br> I actually have very good comfort right now with my thighs and shins not having that half moon cut, I just hate seeing those tiny cracks where the 2 pieces didn't butt up flush.
  8. Another fix that i will be making is making those half moon cuts behind my thighs, more movement, and also it will get rid of those little cracks where my 2 pieces come together that the cover strip doesnt cover. it tears at my soul looking at that lol!
  9. Honestly very surprised how good this came out, cant wait to get out there and troop with you two!
  10. Hey tim, thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I recently just submitted for EIB, go check it out and let me know if you got any tips!
  11. Name : Brenden P TK ID : 13420 501st Pofile : http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21057 Garrison : Southern California Garrison Squad : OC Squad Armor : Anovos Bucket : Anovos Blaster : Hfx E-11 Blaster Boots : TK Boots Belt : Kittell Belt Handplates : Trooperbay Electronics : Echo Fan System Neck Seal : Anovos Holster : Anovos So here we go! I plan on fixing my butt wing on my right side of the butt plate. When strapped to me without the belt on it sits perfectly flat and straight, but when i attach the belt and holster the sheer weight of the holster pushes it to the right, thus making it pop out like i have a wing there! haha. I can try heat forming it more but ive been battling this thing since day 1! Front Back Right Side Left Side Left Side Rivits Right Side AB Details Action Shot Cod to Butt plate attachment Strapping Helmet Front Helmet Side Helmet Back Inside Bucket Blaster Left Blaster Right Neck Seal TD TD 2 Cant wait to hear some good feedback guys! And on a side note, im not a big fan of troops in dirt now, im having a heck of a time cleaning my armor and getting it out of crevices!!
  12. Hey guys, New TK here, and shooting for EIB then Centurion! Just as soon as my Hfx blaster gets here! Anyways, my name is Brenden and im from southern california. I just got done doing my first troop in Acadia last weekend and i gotta say, it was better then i expected! Something empowering when you light up some kids faces, or even the adults! If only they could see my smiles. Ive been kinda a lurker on these forums for the past 9 months while waiting for the anovos kit, soaking it all the info i could. When i got the kit, i felt like i had a good idea on how to build it and never even picked up the instructions! My regret though is that i didnt take too many build pics, but i do have a couple of these from my approval and the troop! Looking forward to more! Im the trooper in the middle with my wife and daughter! Nice walk with my girl! some fun shots!
  13. Hey guys! Newly approved tk herE<br><br> Brenden P. Tk-13420<br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21057'>http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21057</a>
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