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  1. It doesn't have to be identical to this padding but I do like how this has more of a vintage look.
  2. Arms glued, most of my torso strapping complete, guessing about 40% complete!

  3. Do they just loop the elastic around the brackets and sew it? How is the elastic fastened around those brackets? This is the most confusing part for my build.
  4. Lady at JFK customs said anything over $200.00 of value is subject to additional tax. I did get a stunt kit, blaster, boots and holster. So it was a lot of stuff.
  5. I just got off the phone with JFK customs. I had to pay extra tax. I did it over the phone and my shipments are now in transit. Phew... I bet those dang customs guys played with my blaster.
  6. Hi folks, I ordered a kit from RS Propmasters and they used OCS to deliver it. Apparently my shipment has been held at Customs since May 1st. I spoke to RS and they told me the currier would like to speak to me. Has anyone experienced this before? What kind of information do you think the currier wants? Am I in jeopardy of losing my kit? The shipment was being sent from UK to US. Thanks! Edit: customs required extra tax money. Everything is ok.
  7. Don't worry Ruck. They will respond. I placed an order back in Feb and am still waiting for delivery. I'm not mad about the wait because I know it will be one of the best suits money can buy. It seems like all the top makers can get swamped at times. I never heard back from TM so I went with RS.
  8. Congrats! Do you mind taking a close up photo of your finished calves?
  9. I recently ordered PVC since it was a bit more durable. From what I've read on the forums, most quality armorers sell pretty durable ABS. There is a member that has a build thread for both ABS and PVC RS. I couldn't find it but I found this link. http://www.therpf.com/f24/rs-prop-masters-anh-stomtrooper-build-2-a-132645/index3.html It has some comparison shots if you want to see differences.
  10. What did you end up doing to cover the seam on the front of the calves?
  11. You can wait until it cures and peel it with your finger. You should be able to peel it with your finger once it cures.
  12. That would be great Vern. I'm sure there are other great tips that haven't come up yet. I'd love some action videos of people gluing parts. Especially the sniper plate that seems to be a bugger. Thanks for the answers, Brian. Your information has slowly untied one of the several knots in my stomach.
  13. Hello, I was checking out the index of current tutorials and tips about gluing. I was specifically looking for information when using E6000 glue but any gluing tips would be appreciated. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/6372-index-of-all-tutorials/ <-- The only thing that's on here is related to glue clean-up. I've picked up a small tip here and there but haven't come across a thread devoted to the art of gluing. Am I just this clueless and everyone else thinks it is common sense? I've been told that I should sand to-be-glued areas first, wipe down with a damp towel and then glue. But I have other questions as well. They are as follows: I saw that some glue can warp the plastic. Does this happen with most glue? Does it depend on how much you use? How can you avoid this? Does E6000 stick as well to PVC as it does with ABS? How much glue do I use when gluing certain pieces? How do I know I'm using the correct amount? How long should I wait for the glue to cure? Better yet, how long do I have before it is "too late" to redo my glued mistake? Does anyone know of any tutorial videos that show people gluing certain parts of the armor? Thanks in advance, Jesse
  14. Updated my progress. .01%!!!!!! I placed my order

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