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  1. Still working on this just getting swamped at school. Will post pics this weekend
  2. Thanks guys.Going to shave an 1/8 of inch off the eyes tomorrow and work on widening the teeth a little more before painting.
  3. Tomorrow Im going to Scotch-Brite everything and paint it glossy white.The smudges are from taking the rubber trim on and off and my grubby fingers. How do the teeth and the eyes look? I like the long twinky shaped teeth the best
  4. As promised here are a few pics of the bucket. Sorry I didnt take any pics of the box or the armor all layed out I just jumped right in. Took me two full days off and on to get it this far.
  5. I found the best defense against panic was to jump right in with both feet.I'll be posting pics of the bucket as soon as Im done attaching the ears.
  6. Minor update, both the armor and my tk boots are getting here tomorrow
  7. That looks to be the annual Richmond Zombie Walk could try googling for pics. Both the trees and the telephone on that building look familiar.
  8. I just sent tkboots.com an email and they got their last shipment in. Usually a few people back out at the last minute for various reasons.I would send them an email and ask if they have any extras in your size. Worked for me, I was able to score a pair of size 10s
  9. Hopefully you wont need it. I bought this amor from a fellow garrison member who never completed it.As far as I can tell, all he did was open the box and take everything out to look at before forgetting about it.
  10. Just got the tracking number for my armor kit so I'm reserving this thread for my build over the course of the coming weeks. Really excited and cant wait to get the package. This is going to be a complete Cap-W build. I know theres some controversy on the forums and Im sure Ill get a lecture on the evils of recasting but I'd prefer to keep that to pms and focus solely on the build in this thread. Looking forward to posting pics of the big brown box soon, as well as hearing any comments or constructive criticisms on the build any of you might have. More than anything else, Im just excited to be here and to share something with everyone that were all passionate about. I finally feel like Im a "real" member of the forums and not just lurking.
  11. I just purchased some tk boots in size 10us.You might want to send them an email and see if they have any extras left over from their recent shipment.
  12. Ravenwood, any chance you could animate that ring of fire around my Incinerator helmet to fade in on my signature?
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