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  1. Welcome. Returns are generally speaking a matter of comfort and subjectivity on most pieces. Also depending on the strapping method you plan to use for the torso, the returns will vary. A good rule of thumb IMO is 3-5mm on biceps and forearms, erring on the thinner side. Shins and thighs, about 5mm is good to start but as you fit it and adjust to your body you may want to thin that or even eliminate such as behind your knees.


    The torso (ab, chest, kidney, butt) I would say 5-7 for the outer returns , but many people like them thinner for aesthetic reasons. For the edges between plates, somewhere around 10-13 is good if you are using strapping brackets, so you have space for the screw heads. You can go less if using snap plates.


    Remember these are rules of thumb. Proportion and fit to your body is the ultimate goal. Really study as many images from the screen used armor in the reference section of the forum.


    Other people's builds are helpful, but may have inaccuracies you aren't aware of. So don't just go blindly by what you see there. Just because someone else got approved with it, doesn't mean it's correct.


    Good luck and remember to go slow. Savor the build, you will be finished before you know it.

  2. Hi Evan,


    Yes that's the idea with the elastic and hooks for the shins. Not the most friendly to put on and off but the are screen accurate. Be sure to find a few examples in builds to help place them, as well as photo references of screen uses armor.


    One question about the cap rivet you used. It kind of looks like a pop rivet. The cap rivet should have no hole in it and have a round head that is about 7mm (need to check that size, I'll edit my post when I'm sure)


    A cap rivet has two round sides. It is also called a double cap rivet. Sorry if I was confusing

  3. Thanks all.  My enthusiasm for my new hobby is showing haha..  Its clear that I like to keep things in order, but one of the biggest motivators was making sure I never forget anything when prepping for a troop. heh.  Organized on the outside, organized chaos on the inside of my head heh...  My wife can attest to how forgetful I can be.


    I got the foam at a place near me called foam mart.  Here is the stuff:


    This type of foam does not off gas and is meant for archival purposes.  As such, it can get spendy.  I wanted a set up for the long term so I bit the bullet and splurged.  Here are other photo's to see how it all fits.  I needed a separate container for the helmet and found a good solution at Target.  Its one of their wall mounted plastic display cubes.  I lined it with foam too and added some handles.


    50gal Husky Tote (Similar to the Stanley one)


    Top layer is the torso and shoulder bells (boots are in a soft cotton bag in the torso)  I have a 1/2" foam piece to separate it from the shelf below.  I'm thinking of adding some sides to keep the shape and make it like a shelf. :


    Under that is the shelf with the E-11, belt, handplates etc from the previous image.


    I mounted some aluminum rails to keep the shelf at a certain height.  Below the shelf are the legs and arm from the previous image.


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