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  1. Trying to respond to your PM, but work is really busy. Can answer one quick one though. Technically per the current CRL's centurion award requires only the crotch rivet to be brass since it is unpainted. The ab/kidney split rivets can be either since they need to be painted white. But the original suits were all brass split rivets so that one is up to you.

  2. If you want to be able to detach the elastics that connect between the ab and kidney, then you would use a male snap. 


    Otherwise you can fasten the elastic directly to the split rivet.  The original screen suits were connected directly like that.  The use of snaps is a costuming method many people use for convenience in trooping.

  3. Very nice! I bought one of Walt's kid's helmet too. I'll be making a build thread soon. My son is only 3, so I'm making a white foam version for the armor and will post progress on that too. When he's old enough I'll get the rest of Walt's armor kit.


    Have fun with the build.

  4. Try running 4 x AA's. the sound drops considerably and there may be enough air flow, though I see you are using square fans instead of blowers. The AA's will last a lot longer too.


    Nice rig though. Have you tried it with a mic inside? Wondering if the sound of the fans is audible.

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