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  1. Overall good. If you decide to apply for EIB or Centurion, a suggestion to replace the ears when the NE maker has their replacements ready.


    Also, the tube stripes look a bit too long.


    Good luck on your approval.


    And congrats on finishing your build.

  2. One thing that helps me with the knee plate is I took a piece of 1" foam and place it behind the top of the shin. I didn't even glue it in. After I put on the shin, I just shove it down in the top and its enough to keep the sniper plate from catching on my thigh.

  3. Hi, per your images, aligning the elbow end looks like it will give you the best look. When I built my RS I thought I aligned the wrist, but I must have aligned the elbow. It's amazing how you begin to forget little details even when you take lots of photo's and notes. It's kind of like being a first time parent, there is a lot you forget about when they were an infant once you've gotten through it haha.

  4. Much better on the biceps. As for the forearms the pieces will align better once you trim the side edges that will butt together under the coverstrips. Best to start with the seam that is most visible and faces toward the front. Cut the sides to about 7-8mm from where there is a fold in the plastic. This will allow for a 15mm coverstrip to be glued over when those edges are butted together. As an aside, you can glue an inner strip to make the connection more durable.


    Cut this front seam first, then tape the halves together by aligning the wrist end of the pieces. You will probably still have a big offset at the elbow, but that will be reduced when you cut the edges of the back seam.


    Test fit the forearm and let the back edges overlap until you have a slim fit to your arm. This is somewhat of a comfort decision. Visually. You don't want too much space inside, but it doesn't need to be super tight. You aren't C-3PO. A finger or two width around seems to be the norm. Others chime in if you have better suggestions.



  5. 10mm is too much of a return on arms, legs and most of the torso IMO. 5-7mm will be better for comfort, look and durability. I already have a few cracks in places that are due to returns being too big.


    If you are using the original strapping brackets, the return will be about 12-14mm to allow for the screws to be set.

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