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  1. Thanks i appreciate it!! I havent had time for quite a while to try and fix the pack but i have been trying to contact dirty boy and quartermaster over at MEPD but my a count is screwed up so i cant login, so it wont give me the option to send them a msg. Is there anyother way of contacting them? Perhaps they have an account on here as well?
  2. Hmmm ok great thanks. I do have another TK that I am currently putting together maybe I will make that into a HWT. I do have the bottle below the cistern. It recently broke off im trying to figure out how to get it back on.haha. I kind of figured somebody would notice. Thanks again i appreciate it.
  3. I recently finished my AP Sandtrooper and Im quite pleased with the results, tho Id like to hear suggestions/opinions if I should change anything to be more screen accurate. As well as how dirty it is. Not sure If I shouldve done more. Id like to have HWT status. I do have a T-21 on order so the weapon is covered. Anyways, pictures are attached, hope to get some feedback. Thanks,
  4. Ridiculously awesome job!!! Amazing suit!!
  5. They are definitely worth getting. Perfect for trooping as a Jedi.
  6. I can also vouch for Anthony's blasters. They are awesome!! Amazing attention to detail on them
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