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  1. Requesting access please - http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14959 TK10990 Many thanks.
  2. Can't fin where to add my number? Can anyone let me know please. many thanks
  3. Like this one? FN10990 reporting for duty, SIR (Shoulda updated my profile a while back, sowwy )
  4. Just saw some of these at Celebration Europe and they looked amazing, deffo need one if/when there's a next run.
  5. I went IComm, simple plug in and go although I am having slight sensitivity issues with the mic, RomFx is the preffered choice in the UK and highly recommended but ive been on a waiting list for 4months now. The gent that sells the Icomm was great to deal with too, quick delivery (to UK) and great communication.
  6. Im getting the same issue as above with the same set up although im using the headset that came with the amp. It seems to pick up any noise near me and gives me the static burst and yes I have the white line by the mic piece facing my mouth, I know there is no sensitivity rating so somethings up, im gona try a diffent mic next time.
  7. Great work!!! Would you be able to clarify which one you are in the paper cuttings though please...........
  8. Im sorted with pouches but yes they are temping and its hard to resist but I need the cash for the BFG, im going with the Red, they all look fantastic though.
  9. Thanks, I got in contact with him and im hopefully on the list for the next run, they look pretty awesome.
  10. Thanks Eric, Tried to have a look but couldn't log in/sign up, my email address it seems is in use but when I tried to recover my password I get the old "whoops, something went wrong" message :-( Ive emailed the admin so will have to sit tight for the minute it seems. Neil
  11. Hey chaps, Im getting dirty soon and looking for a T21 or DLT19, does anyone know of a reliable source at the moment? Getting mixed reports on Doopeys at the minute and not heard back from them after 3 emails. The T21 is one one I reallllly want so feel free to gloat those who have one already. Pref UK supplier but not vital, thanks in advance good people!!!
  12. Hey guys, just to let you all know.................. I got cleared after a few minor tweaks, im off for my induction this weekend and I think "nervously excited" is the phrase. I'll be learning to spot first and then suit up. Just a shame my I-comm wont be here in time but I expect I'd have been concetrating so much I'd forget to talk. If anyone has good little tips on trooping, now would be the time!!!
  13. Thanks UKG guys, I really appreciate your comments on this as I think you can view the clearance's pic's I submitted as armourers? I do also Respect Mark's decision and understand the high standards required, what made me post here is that the research into what was right and what was wrong for this after hours of looking still didnt give me a deffinative answer of what to do. I have emailed Mark though so will wait for a respones on that. @Paul, did you still have that lid available, may need it after all
  14. Thanks Matt, appreciate you replying, (and everyone else too of course!!!) I have already emailed Mark with a couple of reference pics and explaination from RS so will just wait a reply on that, meanwhile I'll fix the other issue's and wait and see.
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