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  1. I got a package today and my birthday!!! Thank you Joseph.
  2. Make sure space separate Deaf & Trooper instead of DeafTrooper. (Deaf Trooper). It was show separate space on Paypal note. Is it too late?
  3. Lol don't pee on my armor. Ok Thanks everyone I'll get Novus 3 someday before outdoor troop.
  4. How to avoid turn to yellow plastic? What things of cream on the plastic for UV light protection? I had troop of TK for a year for first year. For now I noticed very little of yellow on the plastic. I tried use ArmorAll wipe for whole summer and didn't work. What brand of cream or wax to protect from the sun? What did you use? Thanks
  5. Alright thanks... I will change the coverstrip for outside wider than normal.
  6. I am trying to assemble my Cal (Faraway Creations) armor. I'm not ready to glue things together just get so I've done the following to get me by in the meantime: Since I need more room at the top of the thigh piece than at the bottom, I've installed an inner shim using velcro to attach the two sides, but of course that leaves a to level look that I just don't like. so I've taken a smaller piece cut it into a V shape and put it in the space making it appear more flush, but of course with a seam that I can't do anything about. Here are a few pictures.------------- I'm still playing with the design, not really happy and looking for suggestions. I think my ultimate goal will be to glue the thigh pieces into a solid mass, with an internal only butt joint to the outside, but that leaves me with a question, doe EIB status require an external butt joint on the back to mirror the front?
  7. I sanded too much for my first try on the curve of ear. About 1/8" gap space. How to fix it? Other ear from my 2nd try is fine.
  8. Requesting 501st access... Here's http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15885 Thanks, (using my sign language)
  9. I got this one pair from my work. I use it all the time for fold boxes and carries stuffs. Palm is grey and I will dye for black. Good gloves.
  10. Good pics and awesome! I will get the armor in next few months. Thumbs up.
  11. Thank you all for good comments. I will post this topic for a design symbol and update later in future.
  12. Yes exact deaf symbol from Tray posted above. I've seen it all the time. Nothing for me of color rank with pauldron from seen link above. I will ask my local for pauldron wait see. I could put deaf symbol on upper left of front chest or somewhere in part of armor. I want better different design of same symbol like imperial. Who have good designer or I can do? How to apply symbol on the chest? Paint or sticker or know other idea?
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