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  1. Thanks guys. Looking at close up pics I wonder if the grey is even gloss. Really hard to tell.
  2. Interesting, looks like this one has flat lenses too.
  3. What do you think about the helmet on the trooper in the lower right hand corner? Doesnt look like a ROTJ helmet.
  4. I thought it was on the death start, guess I was wrong.
  5. Looking to see if any one has this pic. It was in one the star wars insider mags a year ago. It has a bunch of ROTJ Stormtroopers standing next to Vader that looks to be sitting in the death star. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys, satin is what I am using for my EBS build. Would this be the same for the ANH helmet as well for the vocoder? Do you guys use satin or gloss on the tear and trap details?
  7. Have a question for the experts out there. Black details on the ANH Stormtrooper, chin, traps, ears ect. Is the black gloss or semi gloss? Another question are the ears on the ESB version the same color detal as the ANH? I know on the ESB frown and chin is semi gloss. One of those details I am not 100% about. Thanks
  8. Confusing is an understatement, never the less this is an awesome helmet. Really dig the weathering. How many helmets are you up too?
  9. love that helmet. Which one is this molded after?
  10. Are the Mark II helmets cast from a stunt helmet in ABS? Are the ear glued on or screwed on? Any good detail pics floating around out there?
  11. Wow, now that is a set up Nice
  12. Does anyone have the specs on these? Very cool info
  13. Thanks guys. Trying to make my own using a clamp off a motorcycle.
  14. What I am really looking for are the specs on the brackets that where used on the screen used suits.
  15. Is there list or picture list of the correct hardware to use when building armor?
  16. WOW!! That looks really awesome.
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