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  1. Yep the guy who built this one is Italian. He's here, he's a member (Pablo something). I remember contacting him to ask if he'd make more, but he said no at the time. I think that if anyone took the time to build these, they'd make lots of money. I'd be buying one for sure immediately. Sigh.
  2. Terrific resin. Whoever makes a nice cast. I'm buying
  3. You're right! Dave G, that was. Not Dave M lol (who the heck is Dave M lol). Yes, CRProps. That was it. Lousy mind. Gotten old... (thank you!) EDIT Damn Paul, it's you!!! Hi matey!
  4. Good question. I think it's the same one that was Matt's. Confusing and difficult story, of which I never really got a clue about. Basically, TE sold the molds to this guy and someone else (I think). This was the result. It was also "relic'd" rather properly after some screen used helmet (maybe the same one). To me, it really looks like a real HDPE one. I don't think this plastic is HDPE
  5. Nope. I do have several TEs and knew Matt at one time, I intend to say Dave. The Dave that used to be partner with Gino, old times.
  6. Well, was absent for quite a few months folks (hi everyone!). Back again as yesterday, I finally found (after 5 long years) my original and most loved screen cast helmet, originally made for me by Dave M (I think). I never liked the guy - also a bad dealer - but his work was top notch. Here's a few images of it. The white paint has turned into a sort of creme color. The lid has been kept into a plastic black bag for all of this time, in a tower I have in one of my houses (here's why I never knew I still had it; I had moved from a flat to another house 5 years ago and after the move, I thought it had gotten lost). It is heavy, extremely sturdy - hard, thick plastic - and feels superb. It's the best looking and feeling helmet I ever had (and I have quite a few now). Such sharp details that they may cut through your skin! Thanks, Fil E18G6614 by SoloDallas, on Flickr E18G6616 by SoloDallas, on Flickr E18G6619 by SoloDallas, on Flickr E18G6621 by SoloDallas, on Flickr E18G6622 by SoloDallas, on Flickr E18G6624 by SoloDallas, on Flickr
  7. You got me curious Chris. Why 2013? Anniversary?
  8. 'morning matey Mark. It's a good looking blaster, yes it is. I think what captures us are the aluminum heat vents. I like 'em lots. Mark: please keep me in the loop with your CFO ROTJ armor and helmet, I'm buying when you are ready Happy New Year You!!!!
  9. Why not, Vern? I'm all for it. I am not afraid of scratching it or making it dirty either. So I am the right one right now. But you'll have to educate me. I don't have knowledge at all about this. Nor probably the materials (in the sense that, here in Italy, I am uncertain about availability of what needed). I'm here.
  10. Thanks Paul.Now, Paul and everyone else, how do I weather this (armor)? Slide it in the mud? Or paint? I am interested mainly in the edges. Blacken/dirty-en up them a bit. Basically Paul, trying to weather it like you did with yours (now SW1's if I am not wrong). Cheers mates and Happy New Year!
  11. Paul, I am all-ready! Thanks for looking guys Oh and you All Have A Happy New Year
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