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  1. You've almost got it! You have been working your tail off on this kit and it looks great! Bravo!
  2. Looks great David! Good luck, although you probably won't need it! Awesome kit! Go for Centurion after, you will be the first in the Garrison!
  3. Thanks everyone! I'm starting work this weekend to fix all of your suggestions in my thread! After that, I'm moving along to start checking off what I need to for centurion.
  4. THANK YOOOU! I'm so excited to be EIB! I'm fixing my biceps this weekend along with removing the button on the kidney plate, removing the washers like you pointed out. Then I plan on trimming a small amount off of my bottom left thigh and doing the other necessary add on's and mods for centurion! I want to be as best as possible, so would you guys recommend trimming my holster down, both the straps and off the bottom. Or would I be better off just buying a new one? Thanks.
  5. Wow. Your AP kit looks great! Always cool to see an ESB trooper! Good luck!
  6. This has been agreat build thread to follow. I wish i would have seen it sooner. Looks great so far and you attention to detail is awesome! Also, WHO DAT!
  7. Thanks Charles, i'll be reading that as soon as i get home from work! I definetly did not come across that when i was searching the site. Hopefully that is something i can start on this coming week or next weekend! Also, thanks Ian! I appreciate the kind words!
  8. Thanks Andrew! Crazy I've made it this far! Thanks also Gary for the tip. Do you have any suggestion on actually doing the process of making the paste? I tried searching, but didn't come up with too much. I'd love to fix that problem I caused myself. Mathias, what do I need to adjust/fix on my kit to get it officially up to EIB standards? I'll go ahead and get it done as soon as possible. The other things that need fixing and adjusting that don't affect EIB, but will make my kit better, I'll get to those towards the end of the month when I make my run towards centurion. I'm just swamped at the moment, but would like to at least earn EIB. Thank you! I appreciate everyone's suggestions and kind words to help me have the best kit I can. Troopers helping troopers!
  9. Your kit looks great! Good luck to you! I can't wait to hear your results.
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