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  1. Approved, currently only member of the UK garrison cleared.
  2. I'm on the first 30 for boots, can I get a medium pair of gloves as well, cheers
  3. Krista, thanks for the advice but I can't measure a photo. I actually need someone who owns a belt to measure it,and see how it's fastened. Looking at the photos u suggested isn't going to give me enough information to move forward.
  4. I can't find where to ask this question, what material is the black belt, what thickness is it and how is it fastened. If anyone has an anovos kit could you measure it for me and post some pictures up please. Cheers
  5. Can you post some pictures of the belt up close and how u attached it. Cheers
  6. avoid ebay, introduce yourself on the UKG forum and what your aiming for, an Armour specialist will contact you, don't buy anything till you've spoke to someone on the ukg boards. cheers
  7. He is now on facebook as well, search Trooper Master.
  8. firstly register and introduce yourself to the UKG, http://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum avoid ebay, jedi robe and sheppertton and wait for an armourer to contact you on ukg forum.
  9. i am not trooping Saturday but I am going to the ball and then trooping Sunday, c u there.
  10. The holster I ordered from here, username darman (I think) it was so long ago I can't really remember. As for the cod piece to butt, it wasn't attached as I found it uncomfortable which is probably why it looks like it needs shortening but they weren't attached, but there is a strap joining them but I preferred not to have them connected. If it did I guess it would sit more into the crotch area.
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