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  1. looks like I'm stuck, can't upload more photos. will need to see how others are posting photos for this.
  2. Just FYI when you get to the buttons that get glued onto the stomach plate. don't cut them down to fit inside the indentation. Leave enough lip around the outside so that it lines up "flush" around the framed outer edge of the indentation. The kits are made for sandtroopers too and leaving those stomach buttons off is what the sandtroopers do. I made the mistake of cutting those buttons down too much to fit inside of the sandtrooper indentation on the stomach piece. I had to reorder the buttons and glue the new piece over the top! I hope this makes sense, but it was a minor detail in keeping me from getting EIB or Centurion, yet this detail is not mentioned ANYWHERE. You just had to notice it.
  3. Is there a link somewhere to get the conversion up to EIB approval status?
  4. My kenner e-11 conversion w/doopy doos resin doesn't have the lower things shaved or the extra holes across the bottom. Can someone point me to a thread that has these details??? I might just splurge and get a sci-fire, but if the updates aren't too crazy, it's not a lot of extra work!
  5. No news. Looking for a chance to retake photos. Looking to update in the next couple weeks. At least I got my paper done! Lol. Thanks for being patient and looking forward to sending updated pics.
  6. My bad! Yeah I should know this as a graphic designer. I'll edit the original post once I'm done typing this 10 page paper I have for a PhD class. Instead of doing this to procrastinate, it will be my reward for getting homework done!
  7. Looking to get EIB approval!

  8. Looking to get EIB approval!

  9. Hello, PICS POSTED IN REPLY POST BELOW..... 1: Your Name : Nic Bongers 2: Your 501st TK ID # 6459 3: Your FISD forum name: Dutchtrooper 4: Your Garrison: Great Lakes Garrison Armor = ATA Works Helmet= ATA Works Blaster= Hasbro DoopyDoos Coverted Optional Height = 6'1" Weight = 182 lbs Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = Home made Hand Plates = ATA Works Neck Seal = TK409.com Holster = Handmade I got my ATA Works TK armor (ANH Stunt) approved by 501st Great Lakes Garrison back in July 2012. Attention to detail went as far as n00bily possible. Humbrol blue paint, etc... handpainted helmet. Photo should cover the details. I tried to cross off all the criteria on the EIB list with success. I've been told by others in my garrison it should pass EIB. I sure hope so! On the details, since I have the hard hand plates, a hasbro converted E-11, and is missing a hero popper on stomach plate... it is not quite up to Centurion status. Hopefully the photos in the link are acceptable. I already learned that photos are better taken with biceps pushed down more, etc. That's an easy adjustment if these photos aren't acceptable. My shoulder bells are velcro'd on and can be adjusted to appear tighter as well. These photos were taken back in July when I first tried on the suit. Since I've been trooping I've learned how to adjust to make it look better. Dutchtrooper TK6459
  10. Please enable me for TK6459 for 501st status. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14738 thanks, Nic Great Lakes Garrison
  11. Links to patches and beret brings up an error... HELP!
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