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  1. i thoguht HWT were basically sandy type troopers, just specializing in other terrain besides sand..?
  2. thanks! it was a lot of fun, me and the wifey's first troop!
  3. just got done with our first troop! if you go to the time 3:55 you can see me and the carolina garrison troopin! http://www.wral.com/...1/#/vid10402891
  4. i think it should be allowed cause it just means its been in battle lol
  5. Aside from the looping holster, what is needed for esb eib?
  6. Name = Matt Chicon Carolina Garrison Armor = ata abs Helmet = ata abs e-11 = hasboro with doopydoos kit Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = TKittell Gloves = unknown black gloves So im going for my EIB TK status to go along with my HWT EIB.so i took off the paldroun, pack, and pouches, and Here is my modded hasboro: here is a pic with my holster, but im also wearing my hwt gear in this pic so please over look that lol
  7. so as it is now you think i can make EIB TK?
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