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  1. Everything is done now except for forming the belt, ammo pack and constructing the detonator. After that, I have to work on installing the remainder of the snap plates and straps and it's all ready to wear. Pics when I can get them...
  2. I'm working on this kit as well. It's tough because a lot of the cut lines are not-so-visible. I've made a few sloppy mistakes along the way but have also learned a lot just in case I decide to purchase replacement parts and try again down the road... One thing I am really striving for with my build is not so much screen accuracy in construction, but to be sure that the armor fits my body nice and snug. I've seen many armor sets that fit far too loose on the person and it looks just plain silly.
  3. I've had a chance to get a lot more done that I was typically able to do - had a few extra days off work so I put it to good use. I botched up the painting a little bit on the helmet but correctable. The black pinstripes that came with the kit to surround the gray part on the ear didnt work well for me, so I decided to paint the line on by hand....bad idea...it came out looking like a pre-schooler did it! I will have to remove the paint and try again. Thighs and shins are done except for some final sanding and cleaning of the edges. Just installed the velcro for the shins today and they fit
  4. I made a small error today doing the thigh that hopefully I won't catch a whole lot of backlash for - I made the cover strip extend the whole length of the front instead of stopping right before the knee ridge. It's the left leg so unfortunately I won't have the ammo pack to cover it up, but it still looks decent so I'm not worried. I'm just happy I was able to make the butt/join method work - and it's a very strong hold as I used plastic weld. Also, I was wondering if it would be acceptable to attach the ab section to the back section by overlapping the ab to the back and using pop rivets? I
  5. Today I was able to construct most of the left thigh - looks pretty good, though it's not perfect I am pleased I was able to get it to be form-fitting and fairly decent looking. I am also almost done with the lid - just have to paint the gray areas. I tried taping off the black mouth vent but was not having much luck...so I tried something that worked like a charm...a black sharpie! I was able to fallow the countours of the vent with the sharpie and then color it all in and it looks very nice and clean, it worked great. I didn't have my camera handy with me today, so tomorrow I will start sn
  6. Got most of the helmet assembly done today. It's not as perfect as some more experienced builders may be able to do, but I am overall pleased. I will be doing some masking and maybe painting tomorrow - pics coming soon.
  7. Thanks - that will work. What about the blue 'vent' decals - what is the correct placement of those?
  8. Everything is looking good so far, the rivet gun worked great. I was wonering if anyone had lense templates that I can print out and use to cut the green lense strip provided with my kit? Also, I noticed that the blue stripe decals are uneven in number - which side is which? And lastly, is there a good method of gluing the black "S" rubber trim around the rim of the helmet? It looks to come off easily if you don't glue it down...
  9. Great, thanks for the reply. I will be heading out to Home Depot soon to pick up a few things I don't have.
  10. Oh, and can someone tell me if this is the rivet gun I should buy for this build? Want to make sure before I go out and spend money... http://www.homedepot.com/Tools-Hardware-Hand-Tools-Fastening-Tools-Rivet-Tools-Rivets/h_d1/N-5yc1vZarfz/R-202061308/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053
  11. Thanks for all the replies - I've been out of the loop lateley. I've been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a nice promotion at the dinner theater I work for. I just signed a contract that guarantees me a part in all five shows being produced this year, PLUS work as the theaters 'prop master' so I'm pretty stoked! I feel really stuck right now with the armor becuase I really don't want to mess it up...fortunately, I just met a fellow RPF member who lives very close to me who is willing to give me a second set of eyes in building this first-hand. I will upload progress photos when the
  12. THANK YOU!!! As far as trimming up the seam line on the thights, should this cut line be straight (with the formed ridge) or tapered down? Not sure the best way to explain what I'm asking... I did some test fitting...the thigh pieces feel too long, hard to bend my knees. After I do some trimming of the seam lines, I will post some pics of me holding the thighs on and hopefully I can get this moving along...
  13. I can't tell the difference between the thigh pieces. I feel kind of stupid as I've been looking at them for days now and cant seem to figure them out. How can you tell which is the right and which is the left??
  14. Got my TK boots today. They are nice - too bad they don't offer half-sizes, an 8.5 would have been perfect but 9 will have to do. I am thinking of doing the overlap construction for the shins as I like the way they look and fit that way. I am having trouble determining how the thigh pieces go together since the VT armor is not labeled on the thighs. I want to make them snug and form-fitting like the shins but I read somewhere that the thighs should be a little looser for mobility? I've been busy with work so I haven't had the time to continue sanding/refining and it's driving me MAD to let
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