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  1. Yes such a fine example of opinion based comment. I'd like to know who has been waiting for "years" for any of my products. 4 people insisted on paying me for TK sets before my molds were finished so that they could secure a place on the waiting list. 2 of them are still waiting, one has been refunded and one is going to be refunded as soon as we agree on a price for the 4 helmets I already sent him. I don't know who you are, but it's interesting how passionate you are about painting me in a negative light. You seem to have an agenda I'm not aware of. I'm not sure why you would take up that cause since we've never done business. Also interesting that you say that I've come on the forum in the last month to announce the completion of my molds. I haven't signed on for at least 6 months or made any claims that my molds are done. They aren't. So you personally don't have anything against me??? Guilt by association is a really ignorant comment to make. You don't have your facts straight and you don't know all of my customers. Matt and I have never been business partners. I made his TK molds for him; now TE2's molds. We learned armor making together. I took the first mold from the only real screen used TK helmet. The same one that everyone has recasted over the years. I have run my own business for the last 7 years and I always deliver my product; I have never stolen anyone's money. At times I am overwhelmed by demand and the wait time can be long but my correspondence is timely. Everyone's emails are answered immediately and all concerns are addressed fairly. I will debut my armor when I feel that it meets all of my expectations. I appreciate your concern but my reputation isn't tarnished just because you say it is. I'm an extremely easy person to deal with and I treat my customers as I'd like to be treated in any business transaction. There are a few good prop makers out there, but I'm still the best. I've learned a lot since I started making armor but the most important thing is the relationship I have with a customer. I'm Dan Laws. I'm here to stay and I have armor to make. Imperialarmor.net
  2. My helmets are done and I'm finishing up the armor, as we speak!!! I will post pics soon.
  3. It has the dimple, because the originals had the same dimple in the tear trap. It was present in both of TE's ANH helmets.
  4. Interesting info out there. This is what I will say about it. There are great artists out there, who produce fine armor for those of us who love it! About me: I make ALL of my own molds, by hand, by myself. No help from anybody. I have files of pictures that I work from, to help guide me in producing my molds. Whenever possible, I have used original parts. Also, I work for myself. I have no business partners. I do have some awesome alliances with other people in the business, like Elvis Trooper for aluminum parts and Jim DeJan who modifies my Tie Pilot armor and also does a fantastic job. Super simple facts and the truth. I pride myself on being an honest and fair guy, who happens to handcraft some decent armor. If people love it, then all the better. Now onto other things. I have armor to pull!!!! LOL! If anybody ever has a question, please feel free to email me anytime.
  5. Good thing I had the fortune of molding a real ANH helmet so that I could later replicate that detail faithfully. The second helmet Matt owned had the same detail. It was very obviously carved into the mold. Gino can attest to that.
  6. Your friend's property is close to my heart. It produces fine helmets and armor. I consider TE2 a friend and I'm not trying to steal sales or change minds. Everyone should continue sourcing from the armorer of his/her choice. Tony offers a helmet that bears the original subtleties that make it look a certain way. Every armorer and or helmet maker offers their own interpretation. No one's right or wrong.
  7. Thanks, I'm not too worried about the reputation it gets. Everyone can decide what they like the best. No bumps on mine; I'm just not a fan of the bumps. There are other people making those versions.
  8. Thanks Gino, Gino, Matt, TE2, and TM all produce great products. I'm not trying to best anyone. I haven't stated that my helmet is any better. This is my new TK stunt; I just wanted to show it off and let people give me some feedback. I haven't intentionally changed anything on the mold and I don't claim to be "the" expert. I just know a lot about the armor. I really appreciate the input - good and bad. Dan
  9. Thanks Gino, I appreciate your opinion on the helmet. Now we have all have two options. Word up.
  10. Mike, I was the one who recast the very first screen used ANH helmet that TE owned. I packed the face and Curtis (AKA Megatron) on the RPF did the cap/back. That first casting is what Tony has now. I made all of Tony's molds. Your armor came from my molds. What is wrong with you man?
  11. That's the old TE/TE2 armor. I should probably get rid of those pics.
  12. Hi Joe, If you're not aware of the history, I made TE's molds. The molds I'm using now came from 1st generation pulls. I just redefined the lost details.
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