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  1. There are several build threads on the MEPD forums.
  2. I took this picture back in 1978 at the Science Fiction Horror And Fantasy Convention at the Marriott in Los Angeles. I was 8 and totally blown away by this. I always wondered who they were. ---------
  3. Thanks! I have not been on the forums for awhile and wanted to make sure I was not missing out on extra features.
  4. I am a 501st legion Sandtrooper TD 4636. May I have 501st status.

    eBay boots

  6. Join us brother on the MEPD! I have one of Dirty Boys Packs and they are great. He would be the guy to talk to regarding your pack. Also on the MEPD site there is a section on Field Packs and repair. Hope this helps. Great looking armor!
  7. Thank You for posting this thread. I am building a AP set myself and I see more magnets used in the build. Do they really help? I used only clamps but any advice would be great. Mark
  8. Yeah Cushman is a let down. Spend more and get a hyperfirm. I have a cushman DLT and I had to do heavy mods on it before I was seen in public with it. I got a T-21 from Anthony and it is great!!!!!
  9. I wanted the Doopy Doos but he does not ship it to the United States.
  10. So I have been trooping with a motified FX set (minus the helmet,went with AP helmet) and now want to upgrade. I aquired a AP set and just got done trimming the pieces out. This is my second build but this set is nothing like the FX. I feel a bit overwhelmed. How should I trim the ABS strips that bind the thighs, forearms etc.... Any input on this build would help me.
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