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  1. Yeah, I didn't know the implications of him changing from AM to NE until after they'd taken over $750 from me. I found the AM listed here and ordered it due to my height. I've been told the pieces aren't accurate and the helmet is a mess. The armor maker told me the ears were wrong and would send me new ones.They never arrived and my emails have gone unanswered.
  2. Really pissed off to find out that my NE is nothing more than a recast. That was an expensive mistake. What sucks is that they were listed here originally. Explains why he won't answer my emails anymore.
  3. I ordered a set of the NE armor and the first thing recommended to me was to ditch the helmet. Needless to say, I was a little upset as this wasn't a cheap set of armor. I went out and bought a two piece helmet, but the ABS didn't match. Granted, the mold quality is outstanding, but the seam on the back of the helmet is going to be a problem. I now have a considerable amount of work to do to get it even EIB approved. Centurion seems to be a long distant goal, if at all even possible at this point. Not happy about that at all. Had I known about the helmet issues upfront, I would not have bought it. The appeal to me about it was that I am 6'2" and I need tall armor. I'm working on getting it fitted with my local garrison and from what I've seen, they can work wonders. I have a talented bunch here, which gives me some hope. So hopefully, I can report back in a few weeks with some better news, but as a noob entering the field, I can say I am a bit disillusioned right now. *shrug*
  4. Do you use a flat black or is there a light sheen to it?
  5. FDC

    eBay boots

    Ah, Star Fortress is Nexus_enterprising. Well that makes sense.
  6. FDC

    eBay boots

    The site seemed VERY defensive about their rights to sell these. The small print was very interesting. Sounds like someone who has been in legal trouble before. I could be wrong...
  7. FDC

    eBay boots

    Thanks for the info, mate. Much appreciated. According to TK Boots, they say they expect to be back in production in eight weeks. If they don't, I will certainly try your suggestion out. I've done plenty of leather jacket painting, so I'm guessing shoes aren't much different. I'm about two months out from having my armor at a place I am happy with it, so I'm okay waiting a little while. Although I'm not the world's most patient person
  8. As a newbie to Star Wars costuming, but a long timer at other genre costuming and FX makeup, I am of the opinion that just because someone has the knowledge, they may not have the skil to use it. I do a lot of prosthetic FX work and I openly share my secrets. I have perfected a few interesting techniques for zombie prosthetics in creating spider veins and skin trauma and I am fine sharing, because even if someone knows what I do, it still takes a certain skill level to accomplish it. But they can at least head in the right direction and not waste money on substandard materials and equipment. It's technical ability over natural ability. As someone who enjoys both costuming and Star Wars, I feel it is my duty to pass on knowledge to other like minded fans. Sure, we all want the best costume we can afford and to be unique, but I personally don't think it's good for the community to not point someone in the right direction in the interests of hoarding information. As far as Star Wars costuming goes, especially that of Stormtroopers, it is very easy to make an expensive mis-step and can really dishearten you early on. There are a lot of unscrupulous sellers out there acting like they are selling quality official armor. I almost bought a set on eBay from a seller who shall remain nameless but sells the sets for $277. I had no idea about recasting and armor quality levels. The auction description certainly doesn't convey any issues. The forums here enabled me to make an educated decision and spend my money a lot better. I still spent a good chunk of money on getting it, but I know that I am getting quality and will be happy with the purchase. I'm fine making the weapons and accessories, but I don't have the tools to make armor. This website has been a huge help and if anyone wants my vein techinque, let me know. I can include pictures, but they are very gory and not for the squeamish.
  9. FDC

    eBay boots

    I'm very dubious of these. I haven't ordered them because something doesn't look right, but figured I'd ask just to be certain. http://www.ebay.com/itm/West-Point-Academy-Parade-Boots-Stormtrooper-Prop-select-size-color-/180978604885?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item2a232a5b55 Thanks in advance.
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