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  1. Hi guys, This has now been slated for a worldwide release on Amazon Prime from the 8th Feb 2019 https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/news/item/116-heroes-of-the-empire-released.html
  2. In case you guys haven't heard, the documentary is now finished and will be premiered on the 19th August at the National Space Centre in Leicester, UK. Speechless films are currently working on a distribution deal so hopefully you'll all get the opportunity to see it. Check out the full trailer here More info: http://speechlessfilms.co.uk/portfolio/heroes-of-the-empire/
  3. I simply use a bit of industrial strength velcro hook on the inside of the front of my boots which attaches to some velcro loop on the inside front of my shins. Stops the shins raising and twisting Had no problem at all trooping with this over the last couple of years.
  4. Only just seen this as I don't get on here as much as I should - thanks Phil for posting the report and pics The UKG turned out in force to support the event I had organised, so I'm very, very thankful to all you guys! The Galactic Academy were well represented and it looks like there is some potential new recruits after seeing the great costumes. A great time was had by all in raising over £1100 for the fundraising project (www.eastcommonproject.co.uk). The buzz around the village and surrounding areas has been fantastic, so much so it looks like I'm going to arrange 'Redbourn Strikes Back' Can't thank the garrison enough, great bunch of people doing great things together for great causes I'll leave you with one of my favourite pics, the Princess with her number one fan (my Daughter), me on the left and Steve (SW1) on the right!
  5. TK 3683 requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13864 Thanks!
  6. OK time for a long overdue update.... Thanks to a lot of help from Gary, Billy and Pete from the UKG I've FINALLY completed my build and been cleared !! Wow, what a buzz! :dancing-trooper: Now just waiting for my TK number. Here's some pics... Split the biceps and forearms to change from an overlap to a butt join Built my TD kit from Jesse Some clearance pics and my favourite... :smiley-sw013: I'll post up a couple of detail shots of the armour tomorrow including some of Karin's lovely handguards (wow what a difference from the AM guards)!
  7. Bit more of an update... I've fixed the holster to the belt using chicago screws to make packing a bit easier. Need to finish off the kidney/butt plate next... Cheers, Rob
  8. Thanks for your kind words Karin (and not-so-subtle plug ) Definitely interested in a set of your latex hand guards - have people attached them to nomex gloves or has the majority gone for chemical gloves? Cheers, Rob
  9. Thanks for the encouragement Eric, always good to get some reassurance! Really like the E-11 just have to be careful not to drop it Here's the strapping on the arms and the work I've done on the belt... I screwed up one of the rivets on the belt trying to use the wrong size washer but hopefully I've recovered the situation ok? Hopefully getting my holster in the next few days so I'll crack on and get that attached as well most probably using chicago screws... Cheers, Rob
  10. Got a bit more done guys. Had a trial fit last night to see how things were sitting together.. (you'll have to excuse the excited grin!) I haven't attached the bells to the biceps and forearms yet, do they seem to be in the right position? Cheers, Rob
  11. [Hangs head in shame] It's been far too long coming but over the last couple of weeks I've managed to get going again on my build... It's still difficult to be able to spend lengthy sessions on my build so I'm trying to get at least a little bit done every other night. That way I might be finished the right side of 50! Here's a couple of pics of the gloves, hand plates and forearms that I've been working on. I'll upload some more pics over the next couple of days...
  12. I agree, great job dude. Really glad to see that your MRCE turned out so good as I'm currently going through the same mods - although I'm leaving the ears well alone for now! I've already picked up some Halfords appliance white and was wondering how the paint match would be to the rest of the helmet as I didn't fancy stripping the whole thing down. Given me a bit of a boost to hear that it's a pretty good match as I've got to spray not only the seam but also where I took off the existing tube stripes with nail varnish remover Like the interior as well, I'm also going to spray it black and it looks like I've got similar knee pads! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Rob
  13. As a show of loyalty to the white armour I was wondering if anyone has produced any kind of official wallpaper that I could display on my work PCs? Cheers, Rob
  14. I LOVE getting those brown boxes!! Thanks for the lovely comments guys, here's my little girl before she turned to the dark side... As we now have an 8 week old daughter as well, time is at a premium as you can imagine! The E6000 is on order along with my snaps and pliers so in the meantime I've managed to start work on my MR bucket. I've ran into a few issues taking the tube stripes off with the acetone-free nail polish remover though Will I be able to just spray over the affected area with my Halfords Appliance White rattle can? I've also drilled out the 4th tooth on each side of the frown and will open them up a bit with some needle files... and trimmed the brow... Hopefully I'll get on with the millput for the seam tonight along with the screws for the ears. Cheers, Rob
  15. I am now the proud owner of a AM Lite kit and I'm just about to start my build so I thought I'd start a thread! There's been some great AM build threads recently so I'll be studying them as I go along (Congrats Rob on being #100 EIB by the way!). Here's the obligatory box and armour-laid-out shots... Here's a couple of bits I've already got... Any comments or pointers more than welcome and I'll try not to mess up the build! Cheers, Rob
  16. Found out that I have to pay a customs charge of £16.89 plus a Parcelforce handling fee of £8! I can live with that I've scheduled delivery for tomorrow so then the fun will begin!
  17. Thanks for the reply Joey, I think I'll heed your advice and pay up especially as I'll probably be ordering a few bits in the near future! Just got word that my parcel is out of customs and with the delivery service so hopefully it'll be here later today or tomorrow Thanks again mate, Rob
  18. Very impressed with the quality of the build Rob! I'll be referring to this thread when my armour turns up (hopefully later today)
  19. Hi all, I'm excitedly awaiting the delivery of my AM armour to the UK and by tracking the parcel I can see that it is currently stuck with UK customs I'm expecting Parcelfarce to contact me to get some money off me for import duty and VAT and was wondering what experiences other people have had importing armour into the UK? I've had a look on the UK Revenue & Customs website and it states: "...There are some things that aren't in the UK VAT system at all - they're outside the scope of VAT. They are not taxable supplies and no VAT is charged on them. Items that are outside the scope of VAT include: * non-business activities like a hobby - for example, you might sell some stamps from your collection" Do you think that armour falls into this category? Cheers, Rob
  20. Thanks for the reply Terry and for the heads up on eHobbyAsia. I could get the gloves from there for about $26 delivered which is pretty good I think! I've also had a look at some Airsoft sites amongst others and came across the following gloves (sorry, there is a few links!): ------- Worth paying the extra do you think or not? Are there any here that would prevent initial clearance or EIB in the future? Cheers, Rob P.S. Well done the SAINTS! I was waving my flag I got from the Wembley game in 2008!
  21. Hi guys, Is there anyone on the FISD who still supplies nomex gloves to the UK? Many thanks, Rob
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