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Denuo Novo TLJ, paint match (UK).


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Hi all,

(Apologies if this is in the wrong place)


Can anyone help me, please.

Here's my dilemma.

No matter what i do with abs slurry/paste.

Either applying it slightly gloopy or in very thin layers I got bubbles. 

I also found the colour of the paste was a slightly darker white.

I'm using 99.8% acetone.


I thought I had it sussed, but after a few weeks, I've noticed the places I've used the abs slurry ( Yoke and abs) have sunken.

Now when I've put the armour on and I've noticed hairline cracks In those areas.


My time is running out as I would like to wear my armour for Celebration London.


I'm thinking of reverting to plastic filler and painting over those affected areas.

My problem is I don't want to paint the whole armour just those problem areas.


There's a guy I know who's very good at matching colours. He mix up some paint so i could paint my helmet and the colour is a prefect match to the armour.

He's away for two weeks! 


I know that the colour of abs white varies, but does anyone know a good colour match?


I'm based in the UK.




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I found different acetones dry differently and can leave A LOT of air bubbles and I ended up finding it was best to apply in light coats. Most fillers I've tried are an off white so you still need to apply paint. On the early Anovos kits we had a lot of areas we had to modify and fill so it was easier just to paint the whole armor. 


Not sure if anyone has tried matching the DN armor as yet, the Anovos paint was found to be this, not sure how close it will be DN may be using a different supplier




For small areas I found I could mix some colors to get a close to shade, I then use an air brush to feather the paint when applying, using compound polish can help bring back the shine.

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Thanks for your help.

I ended up adding more layers of abs on the inside of the shoulders and adding filler.

I painted it using my airbrush with the tiny amount of paint i had left over from my helmet.

It looks 100% better now.


I've seen a few colour codes and this one before.


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