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Question reguarding helmet amp/speaker system

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Hi there,


I have a request for a amp/speaker system tutorial if there is one available. I know TK1536 used to have one but the link to the tutorial on his site (www.tk1536.com) seems to broken or out dated. If anyone knows a tutorial reguarding the amp/speaker system I would much appreciate it :D


Also I have few questions. I have a little experience wiring electronics but im still in the dark. Why does one need both the amp system and the speaker system? Does the amp system create the standard static burst often heard from stormtroopers? I was hoping to install the mic/speaker system all in the helmet (I've seen really effective setups behind the chest, but Id rather keep it all compact). I plan to install the speakers behind the aerators. But in most pictures it shows the powered mic, the speakers in the aerators, but also the amp system. Is this completely necessary? And in the case that both the amp and speakers are needed, can anyone suggest a good amp system. :huh:


Thanks a bunch,



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here ya go,,i used this set up before i got the ROMFX which is the best out there in my opinion ,,with the help of the guys on here this is how i did it.


this amp.



do this mod to it that way you dont have to use a powered mic



wire it up to some Stomper hovis in the bucket while using a good mic ,for like a PC or music headset.


there is also a cheaper way of doing this with a wally world kids toy voice changer that Smitty on here goes in to great detail how to rig it up on the cheap..


like i said,,this was just a temp for me but worked really well when i had it in,,hope this helps




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