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IPM annual clean up


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Greetings all


Just an FYI

Each year we retire all IPM access and get ready to work on activating the detachment plans for the new term.

What this means is all those with IPM status will be set back to attaché status or 501st Stormtrooper status.

As we start to realise the actual workload of execution of the plan, we will look to bring more members onto IPM if the area of work exists in that section of the forums (an area only visible to IPM level extended staff.


Thank you to those that helped in this area in the last term, this is no reflection on the fine work anyone did, simply our reset to go again.

Generally, we would be in election cycle at this time but due to an early finish for us, we can get the ball rolling 10 days earlier than those still under elections.


Stay tuned for updates and call outs for assistance.

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