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Welcome from the Detachment leader

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Welcome to FISD

My name is Andrew forum name Sly11   TK11469 and Detachment leader (2020-current) of these wonderful forums.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to what we hope you find is the most inclusive, friendly, welcoming and above all, helpful resource to bring your Stormtrooper dream to reality.

The Detachment is truly immense in it's knowledge base and archives which can get somewhat overwhelming, but fear not as we also have many members and staff all waiting to assist you in any way we can.


We do not judge or discriminate,  we treat everyone as equal, and only ask kindly, you do the same.

We don't only look after those who wish to join the 501st, we help anyone with a desire to build an accurate Stormtrooper costume, offering advice that could save you time and even money by choosing the right path for you.


Some easy advise to get you on your way.

The more you interact, the more information you will find.

Please ask plenty of questions and the answers will flow.

There is no such thing as a dumb/stupid/silly question, we are truly here to help you.

These are your forums, the staff are here to serve in every way we can.

You will meet some tremendous people both here and in real life on this journey you have chosen, share your stories and become part of our community.


With unquestioned Loyalty


Andrew Franke

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