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Ukswrath SHA question

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Has anyone used a headset/mic combo and a channel splitter with the SHA and aker/icomm? 

i want to reduce wiring and components by combining some but not sure this is viable.

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With a splitter, a headset should work just fine however, because of close proximity of all the components and the need to reduce feedback issues the omni mic that is supplied is best suited for the system. Lastly if you were thinking of going wireless be aware a couple millisecond delay when speaking to transmission is normal. Some folks are ok with it, it drives me nuts. 


Hope this helps

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Definitely does thank you, also the delay drives me crazy as well. I can’t do phone calls when they have a delay from a BT device.


it’s gonna take me longer to figure out how I want to run all this than to fit the the whole armor haha

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