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Connection strips (Abs Plastic)

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Greetings -

 I am in Modesto, and I have searched in every store imaginable for ABS plastic for additional connection strips for my armor. Does anyone have any idea where they sell plastic materials (Sheets) around this area? Found some online, but it was waaaay expensive! I'm at the point of using a white durable laundry basket for the material I need. Opinions? - Thanks in advance!

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This doesn't really fit under forum help & support so it's being moved to  Assembly, Mods, and Painting

You have to be careful purchasing ABS sheets from anyone other than the original supplier as there can be some large differences in color, I would suggest speaking with the armor supplier to see if they can help, other than that I would suggest to reach out to  your local garrison to see if anyone has offcuts or try a plastic supplier near you.


A map of US based garrisons


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