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Super-detailed Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster from TroopaCoola (JMC E-11) - REVIEW

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Hey troopers,


As we all know, an Imperial Stormtrooper (or a rebel in disguise) needs a good blaster at their side. Well, this certainly falls into that category!!





I am honoured to have been sent a “JMC E-11” blaster for review from Marc at TroopaCoola, all built and ready to troop or display.


This excellent blaster is a combination of metal and resin parts, with a whole host of working (moving) parts, as well as being incredibly well detailed.


Moving parts include;


• Inner bolt

• Magazine and magazine release button

• Trigger

• Selector switch

• Folding stock

• End cap

• Hengstler counter rest button


Check out the video for a much more in-depth review, but also feel free to enjoy the images below.













The below video covers an unboxing, followed by a detailed look at the functioning parts and detailed features:




These are also available as a kit, if you want to have a go at building one yourself.





Thanks for stopping by. Contact TroopaCoola for more details. https://m.facebook.com/Troopercoola/


Best wishes

CableGuy Dan

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