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FOTK on Ebay


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Generally we advise not to purchase from eBay, you never really know what you will get, it's generally either better to purchase those kits listed on detachment or legion forums or dealing direct with the armor seller, in this case it's an 850armorworks kit. You could contact them either on FB: https://www.facebook.com/850armorworks  or email: 850armorworks@gmail.com


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So, this is my listing on Ebay, I just wanted to see what would be said. Thank you. I am going a different route and decided to part ways with this kit. Everything that has been done to it was done by someone at  850. A friend advised me to post it here for sale but unfortunately the minimum bid was hit before I thought about FISD. I am still new to costuming so forgive my approach. I am new to selling on Ebay so, live and learn i guess.  Thanks again, gmrhodes13.

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