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2010 The first Year of FISD Newsletters

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The Newsletter official launch made by Paul, Feb 16th 2010



Hello everyone,


if you haven't heard the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment administration team has been re-elected and is already working to make 2010 another great year for stormtroopers.


The command staff includes:


Detachment Leader - Paul Hoeffer

Executive Officer- Terrell Reber

Provost Marshall - Brian Robinson

Membership Liaison - Bill Haggis

Webmaster - Aaron Fimister

Armor Chief - Mark Gage

Merchandising Team - Wyatt Stephens and Dave Mondo


I'm also creating the position of Communications Officer (equivalent of a Public Relations Officer) to take on the creation of newsletters and helping keep people informed of all the goings on in the detachment.


Some of the projects that will be released in the new few weeks include:


New T-shirt run : Finally! The vote was long ago and it's getting off the ground after some delay in squaring away the artwork. Look for an interest thread in the new few days.


Site Upgrades : we've moved to the latest version of Invision and are still tweaking the skin to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of ESB. This should wrap up in the next week.


FISD Academy : This is our new content site that will include everything *but* the forums. You can view a sneak peak of the home page by following this link (http://www.whitearmor.net/Home.png). The finishing touches are being put in to place as we track down the last of the images we want to use and make final updates to ensure the CRL/EIB are up to date. Look for this to launch in March :)


And after that? Well, the web team will take a much needed break but time stops for no trooper. Expect to see more merch ongoing such as trading cards and other goodies to separate you from your pay chit, and moving forward with a monthly newsletter.


There's always something new in the world of trooping: whether it's new information on an old costume (like a new way of doing shins) or an entirely new one (like how to paint a Stormtrooper Commander), we're excited to have you on board for the journey.


With unquestioned loyalty,






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FISD Founder | retired DL (FISD), GXO, GML, XO (MEPD, IOC), DWM (IOC, SpecOps, Sith Lords) | 2007 Rose Parade Marcher (B Co.)

You become a positive leader when your rank is ratified in the minds and hearts of your subordinates, when your troops follow you out of respect and confidence and not out of fear of your authority.
-- U.S. Army Field Manual FM 22-100 "Military Leadership"
"You, you, and you....PANIC! The rest of you, follow me"
-- Unknown
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