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Supply list for your FOTK build....


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Build materials:

Tools -

Lexan Scissors-    Curved and straight, for cutting ABS/fiberglass.  Example

Exacto knives- (large and small) For those detailed cuts.  Example

Steel ruler-   (At least 18 inches long).  For use as a cutting guide on straight edges.  Example

Rare earth (neodymium) magnets-  SUPER strong, used in lieu of clamps in hard to reach areas.

Assorted clamps(The more the merrier).  You can't have too many of these.  Example

Pencil-  For marking cut lines.

Cut resistant gloves-  Especially helpful if you are prone to cutting yourself.  Available online for about $12.00  Example

Dremel (rotary) tool- with plastic cutting and barrel sanding bits-  The name brand (Dremel) is great, but there are many other brands available for less.

If you're really adventurous and $ is no object hand held and bench mounted belt sanders.



Glues - (ABS and 3D printed armor)

Zap-A-Gap -  CA (super) glue.   Used for armor assembly and can be sanded, though not recommended as a filler.  Example

Zip Kicker- Instantly sets CA glue.  Available in aerosol or pumpExample 

E-6000 -  Can be used in specific areas, but due to it's flexibility it is only recommended for attaching greeblies prior to or after painting,

                 IMPORTANT!  NOT SUGGESTED for seams requiring filler or paint.   Example

 Flexible Fiberglass armor -

E-6000 - OK for assembly, but not suggested for seams requiring filler and paint 


                                    If you have the funds available, a Plastic welder with dispensing tool and extra tips is suggested


Plastic Welder-  High Strength MMA Adhesive-  Example

Dispensing Gun Example

Nozzles- 3M Static Mixing Nozzles  Example


Paint related -

Sandpaper- 400, 800 grit wet & dry Example

Sanding blocks (same grit as above)

Sanding pads-  3M Scotch-Brite  General Purpose, Ultra Fine and Light Duty types-  Example

Painter's tape - Blue type, 1 and 2 inch widths

Spot putty -  3M Acryl Putty, (white)  Example

Spray Paint- 12 oz  Rust-Oleum 2x gloss whiteExample  

Primer -12 oz. Rust-Oleum 249145


Professional paint (optional). If you have the $ - Professional (automotive finish)  


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