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My back plate

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So got a set of used stunt armor and I’m not happy with the space I have between the lower part and kidney plate. How HOW can I fix this , and I need to bring it all just generally in I’m skinny. 



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Front pic

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It looks (to me at least) that the chest and back have been trimmed down for someone who is much shorter since the return edges at the bottoms appear to have been removed completely (like they were for Luke).  Unless you are over 6 foot there ideally should be a smaller gap between the bottom of the bucket and the scoop at the top of the chest piece. same with the top of the back plate.  Do you have padding in the top of the bucket?  It looks like removing it would solve that issue and allow it to ride lower.


y4OwM2e.jpg   uxcsY70.jpg?2         fQErblr.jpg?1   lbnOu36.jpg?1


Sometimes extending the chest/back strapping will allow it to drop a bit more in the back, but your shoulder bridges are pretty short as it is.  I find it kind of odd that the rest of the armor actually fits pretty well.


You have a few other issues that can be fairly straightforward to fix.  I hate to say it, but whoever built this armor mismatched the calves.  The outside pieces have been glued together (right leg) and the inside pieces are on the left leg.  This accounts for the difference in size.  The rear cover strip on the right one is also on the wrong side, and the opening should be on the inside, just as the left one is.  


PvZGz20.jpg   R9Laj1J.jpg?2


The holster strap is the Hero type, and has 4 fasteners instead of 2 as required for Stunt.



There is a rivet in the sniper knee plate on the ridge as seen in ROTJ armor.




Don't get discouraged, James.  You have some work to do, and you may even have to replace the chest and back, but we will help out whenever we can, so hang in there.

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