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New member intro and The Heavy Mandalorian

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Hello everyone!!!

     I am a new member but LONG TIME Star Wars fan and follower of the 501st. I have wanted to join you amazing people for quite some time and now that both of my kids are successful citizens and have exited my wallet I might just make a good member.


     By trade I am a Computer Animation and Video Game Design Teacher in a public High School and at 2 local universities. My specialty is 3D modeling. I am excited about bringing my skills to the table here and making some amazing stuff. I am ridiculously fussy about getting everything in my work as perfect as I can get it, so I really love that fact that you guys are attentive to the smallest details on your outfits. 


     I just finished watching the Mandalorian (truth be told I have watched every episode multiple times). I am SOOO excited about this new series and specifically one character in the show! Paz Vizla, the Heavy Mandalorian. I realize that this character is way to recent to be included in the CRL’s but I remain undaunted. It is my goal to have a Super Screen Accurate version of this character for my very own. My outfit will be displayed in my classroom for my students to see and hopefully to wear with the Oklahoma Garrison. Here is my work so far


p.s. I work in a program put out by a company named Autodesk and the program is called Maya. Once the model is finished I will be 3D printing it and then finishing it with tremendous amounts of sanding and primering (hahahaha) to get the proper surface quality. 


This is is my first step in the process where I search the web for the best reference photos available. Using them I create Image planes in Maya




I then begin to create the curves/guidelines for my model. This is an arduous process but one that I employ when I want to be the 3D model to be perfect




Once I get all of my necessary curves/guidelines in place I start to hard surface model the object




I had had to rework the cheek area a couple of times. But I am pleased with it now




This is is the last shot of my model so far. I extruded the thickness of the eye area in and a thickness for the bottom of the helmet all of the way around the base





The next thing that I need to fix is the bottom edge of the back half of the helmet. I originally made it flat horizontally but that is not screen accurate. I discovered this too late.... grrrr!!!


Soooo what do you guys think???

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BTW, if this post is in the wrong area... please feel free to move it. Newbie here...

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Hello and welcome aboard, there are a few facebook groups with people working on these, at this stage BHG (Bounty Hunter Guild) will be looking after this character, you can find their detachment forum here http://thebhg.net/forum/index.php?/login/. You can also find the draft for Mandalorian CRL here with some great reference images http://thebhg.net/forum/index.php?/topic/5658-the-mandalorian-season-1-draft-crl-text/


Good luck with the build 

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