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Guy's R0TK Adventure

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Hey everybody. After 3+ years my Anovos kit is pretty much toast. Time to move up!  I put in my order for a jimi R0TK kit last week. I got the full kit with bucket and undersuit.


This will be my first time working with fiberglass. Fingers crossed my learning curve is good. 


Here is my plan so far:


I'm ordering boots and gloves from IB (Next wave is Friday!) I've read the threads about their glove quality. Has this improved at all? I can sew so I'm not 100% opposed to fixing reinforcing them, I'm just hoping they fixed the problem  I'm planning to do all the trimming, sanding and prep myself.


I have a buddy that works for a body shop so, I'm hoping to have the paint professionally done. Has anyone else done this? If so, did you find a paint code/color that worked well? 


Also, I'm thinking about using the clear 3m material that is used for screen protectors and clear car bras for the areas that are most susceptible to scratches. I'm thinking, chest, under arms and in between the thighs at least. Has anyone else tried this? 


Finally, I love my Hyperfirm E-11. Since that is not an option for the R1 E-11 what is available now? 


Thanks for any input. I'm super excited about this build. 






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Great news looking forward to seeing the BBB photos soon

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Ordered boots and gloves from IB today. I'm hoping they fixed the glove workmanship issue. If not, I can fix them. I'll just be bitter about it. :huh:


In other news, my friend who is an auto body painter is really looking forward to helping me with this one. He's a fellow TK so I know I'm in good hands. He's intrigued by my idea of using the 3M protective film for the wear areas too.  And I learned the film is available from Amazon in several sheet sizes. This will be an interesting experiment that I'm excited about. 


Now, back to the interminable waiting. 

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