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Air Travel with Armor question

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Im sure this has been asked before but with Celebration coming up in April, I am considering flying and trying to think of the best way to get my armor there without shipping my Husky tote. I have heard of some packing the armor in a large hard shell suitcase then taking the helmet as a carry on. Any thoughts??

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Flew to the other side of Australia with my OTTK in a hard suitcase, typical ground staff must have used it as a trampoline, opened the case at the other end to find 3 cracks in the backplate.


Next year I had a large Stanley box, I believe similar to the Husky, heavy duty, for my FOTK, I did have a lining of foam inside and wrapped each piece of armor with bubble wrap then in soft padded cloth so it wouldn't rub and scratch. Was fine on the way over but on the way back the box must off had a bounce or two, was hand carried out as one of the heavy duty wheels had been snapped clean off, must have dropped from a great height, was still on a high from the "Last, Last" Dreamworld event that I couldn't bring myself to open the case until I'd been home a week. Expecting the worst I ended up bitting the bullet and looked inside, to my surprise not a crack, mark or scratch on any piece. I think the extra padding and cloth is what saved it.


Each flight thought I have taken my helmet as hand luggage and also had to past excess luggage on the last flight, it's amazing just how heavy these cases are.


Good luck, hope you return issue free :duim:

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