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ANH Paint Colour Guide TAMIYA equivalents

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Hi Guys,


I been checking out ...




 As I am located in Japan I can not get these makers so after some research I think I found the TAMIYA equivalents.. 






French Blue gloss


Maybe inspired from 1972 Le Mans Mantra




Dark Admiralty Grey


I read that this is the most used color by modelers for all RAF Crew areas like the Jaguar, Lightning, Harrier, trainers, Sea Harriers, Tornado, Buccaneer, Phantom and Tucano, etc there are a lot of RAF bases around the studio area






Alternative to XF-53










i used the following guide...




please let me know if these Colors / Colours  are ok? Anyone used TAMIYA?





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Hello Dan,


I used XF-66 for the Grey, I think it’s the closest thing we can get in Asia region.


X-18 semi-gloss Black also fine.


I hand painted the AB plate buttons using X-4 (which is gloss) then mask it off and put a coat of semi-gloss clear spray on top (Mr.Hobby / GSI) to protect it against from rubbing off.



You can check mine below and see for yourself, all the details on the helmet are hand painted with Tamiya color and a coat of Mr.Hobby semi-gloss can spray paint.








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thank you so much for confirming that !


Really a bit help.


Airbrush and paint ready now.


Thanks for the link as well

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