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Sizing forearms


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Need some help/advice on cutting the forearm taper. I am building one of the new AM kits and just want to make sure I am looking at this the correct way before I make any cuts,

I do have thin wrists, but the opening is large enough to slip my hand through.

Do I keep the cuts (and the cover strips) at a 90 degree angle to the outside ridge?

Below I am using a ruler to show where I think I should cut (equal distance of the opening at a 90 degree). Or should I cut off equal amounts on both sides?


Wrist end



Elbow end


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I have the AM suit as well and I ruined my forearms because my measurements where only taken with my arms resting. As soon as I tried to bend them I had no room in the forearm or biceps.
Make sure you measure your forearm and biceps flexed or in a position that you hold the weapon in - once you cut you can’t put it back on

Good luck

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