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Armor fitting and which side is which?


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Hey guys, got my ROTK armor in on Monday and I have not started working on it yet mostly because I need a few things answered before I hack something up and realize I needed that... This is my first TK so I need to know how to determine what part is left and what part is right. Example, the thighs are very similar but they are slightly mirror images and not symmetrical so which is left and which is right side. Same goes for shoulder bells, and other leg and arm parts. Any help would be appreciated.


Next, just ho should the armor fit? Tight, like right at the undersuit with no room, or should I allow some space between the armor and the undersuit? Consider the thighs with are huge on my legs and I can fit both my hands inside the armor. I am 50 years old this year so I am sure i am done growing all I will grow although perhaps allow some room for Thanksgiving when it comes.


Lastly, spacing between armor pates. Consider the knee and thigh. How should that sit on my leg?



Thanks in advance and if there is a source for this information already, please let me know.


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