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The Force Unleashed Shadow Trooper WIP


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Hey all. I figured I'd throw up this thread to document this project I'll be working on. The CRL is incomplete, but I plan to help out by taking detailed pictures of each of my components by the end of this build.




I don't yet have armor in hand, but I'm narrowing down where I'm going to be sourcing that. I will be needing some transparent parts (shoulder bells, forearms, TD tube, and shins) and I know for sure that WTF has formed some clear helmets this past December (which look pretty damn cool). Just waiting for an update on their clear plastic shipment.




For the rest of the suit I'm leaning towards Scootch for his HIPS CAP-W kit, which I've had an easier time getting paint to stick to in my past experiences.



For lighting, I'll be going with some USB powered LED strips I can connect to smartphone battery banks velcro'd to the insides of my helmet and armor. Something like this is what I had in mind:



(edited post to remove Black Series helmet. Replacing with RS)

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I got a set of Rubies armor for next to nothing from a garrison member, which is great because I won't have to worry about sourcing and attaching edge trim to the plastic. I've always wanted one of these kits to tinker with. After I got done with it, it looks like what a Stormtrooper should look like. Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics for now :)


- Drilled out all rivets
- Filled in holes with ABS paste
- Removed velcro from biceps and thighs
- Glued both halves of biceps and thighs after trimming
- Trimmed down length of plastic shoulder straps
- Flipped center ab button panel and added a fifth button to the row of buttons on the right side of the abdomen armor
- Removed sniper knee plate from shin. Will attach to WTF shin later

- Removed existing strapping system and replaced with snaps and elastic
- Removed and re-installed thigh ammo strip in correct position (Rubies installs this upside-down) - Shoulder bells, forearms, and shins will be replaced with WTF parts formed in transparent plastic.
- Thermal detonator to be replaced with ATA parts and clear pipe








Also got an RS Props helmet. 





And after.




I just wadded a coil of LEDs under the bucket to get an idea of what it would look like. The paintjob isn't final either. Lots of work yet to go!


And Ukwrath's Hovi mic tip audio system to be installed later on.






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Re-did the helmet paint job and lightly weathered with black acrylic wash.











The same idea will be applied to the rest of the armor. I'm already done with the torso plates.








And now everything's installed in the bucket except a chin strap and helmet fans. However, it only looks good when I'm not wearing it.....and I kind of knew it would be like that ahead of time. So I guess I'll need some mirrored blue lenses! Hopefully light will get through those.

The lights are bright enough to look good indoors. Probably out in broad daylight too, but I haven't tested that yet.









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My costume is getting close to done. Things to do:

- Mask off and paint transparent armor. Followed by black acrylic wash, then clear coat

- Give thigh armor and thermal detonator black acrylic wash, then clear coat

- Implement solution to prevent eyes from being seen in helmet

- Mount LED strips to armor. Velcro USB powerbanks inside armor

- Drill hidden holes in thigh and kidney for LED wire connection to batteries inside the armor

- Strap shoulder bells to shoulder bridges

- Strap shoulders to biceps

- Glue elastic straps under the handplates for use on rubber chemical gloves

- Paint red stripe on boots

- Submit application!



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Hey peeps, figured I'd update this thread for anyone who hasn't seen my stuff on Instagram. My armor is basically there, save for a couple minor strapping issues and a couple dead LED strips. Once that's sorted out, I'm gonna send a new round of pictures to our LMOs and hopefully get this approved.

I took this out for its first test drive this past Saturday at a local convention in Portland, Maine. Biggest issue I had was my powerbanks falling out and swinging around outside my kit, but I have a fix in mind for that. Also need to chop an inch or so off the tops of the thighs to improve mobility. Had a lot of fun though, and the armor was a hit. It was nice to be the very first TFU Shadow most people have ever seen!


Hopefully more of us start popping up once we get that CRL green-lit!







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