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A - League Perth Glory V Newcastle Jets

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Event: LFL invite:  A - League Perth Glory V Newcastle Jets

Location: NIB stadium

Date: 9th Decembers 2017

Time: 3.30pm to 8.30pm

Landscape/Weather: Stadium,humid with afternoon light breeze

SL51164 DV64 Stuart
TK85421 gmrhodes Q
TK59226 jezzapm Jerry
TK10469 Ben Ben
TI Ben from France,the country


RL in attendance as multi legion

3.30pm Arrive at Gate 3 and met by Disney with Tash the lead rep.Bags searched by security and general checks made.

4.00pm Head to South marquee,our change area to stow gear.Taken on tour of stadium to both check for hazards and rehearse.

5.00pm Allocated 45 minutes to relax and change

5.45pm Make our way to kids precinct at Gate 1

6.00pm Gates open and photo time

6.45pm In place as previously rehearsed for pre match activity

6.58pm 501st March onto field in prep for coin toss.

7.02pm RL escort Perth Glory onto field

7.10pm We return to marquee for break and refreshments provided

7.45pm Back in place ready for half time activities

7.53pm 10 minutes to walk around the stadium to high five and photo ops.This worked at rehearsal,more difficult in reality however our wranglers kept us on time.

8.05pm return to marquee for dekit and event over.

Offer made to watch the rest of the game however we took the opportunity to retreat before the crowds began their exit,besides Glory lost 1-2 to Newcastle.

Charity: N/A

Injuries: None that I'm aware however Q's heart may be a little broken as Ben and I had pic taken with all cheerleaders.I felt somewhat moist.

Armour Repair: Jerry had some probs with his bucket,this did not effect his ability to troop awesomely though.

Happy: All I would think until the final siren and a loss and there were some of us who located free parking

Unhappy: Perth Glory fans going down to Newcastle and those who paid for ticketed parking.An event there in the future I would think a parking deal needs to be made.

This was an international televised event which means our visitors from France have got themselves on the TV twice in under 2 weeks while trooping with us.This should make for some good memories.

Mission Status: Complete

Report by DV64

This to me was a great troop.First up it was multi legion,we looked out for each other with some fun rivalry along the way.Both Disney and A League reps seemed to be pleased with us and the way that we represented both the 501st and RL.

Our attendance was appreciated and it was a pleasant surprise that we were provided with water,sandwiches,chips,sweets etc.Thanks Tex for the grapes.

To finish I had a pre troop small latte and a yoghurt top muesli cookie.The patch store was open after the event and Ben,that is our Ben not the visiting Ben took possession of his pre order patches.






























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